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Have you been to the virgin islands before? Do you even know about it? Virgin islands are collections of beautiful islets on the border of the Caribean sea and the Atlantic sea. Because the islets have terrific and comfortable beaches they are the holiday spots of many. The islets are divided into United states virgin islands and the british virgin islands. The islets are additionally reputable for their composition, tradition and friendly people. Probably the most familiar holiday actions in these islands is cruising a Virgin Islands yacht charter into the Atlantic sea. The tradition of hiring luxury yacht charter is historical and has been in practice in lots of different coastal states and especially these which are a vacationer vacation spot.

The Past

In the twentieth century, luxury yacht charter was launched and offered to the rich corporate barons that lived around the seashores around the US and the Europe Among the earliest luxurious yachts incorporated the Cox and Kings Yachts, MY Christina, American Cup Classic and MY Savarona. But, towards the twenty first century, luxurious yacht have grown to be fairly normal with many companies setting up luxury yacht charter businesses for renting out yachts. Giant luxury yacht charter are actually in production with a length of above 24 meters.

The ‘Milk Run’

The Virgin Islands yacht charter vessels are especially widespread around the Mediterranean sea and they’re reputable to cruise in the Mediterranean during summer season and they drift to the Caribbean ocean in the winter. These kinds of Virgin Islands yacht charter boats that operate between these two seas are normally labelled as making a ‘Milk Run’. Such yachts do not have a resident country where they dock permanently though they are mandated to be registered to a particular nation port and erect the colors of the country they have registered with. However, some of these yachts have by no means been to the ports of the country that they are registered. The yachts travel from seaport to port and after they berth at a selected port, the crew execute regular vessel servicing and choose their journey guests. Every year, a ceremony known as the Charter Show is hosted in Virgin Islets just before winter. It is an event that depicts the completely different patterns and sizes of yachts.  

Various Types

The 24 meter deck yachts is considered to be the lowest of the luxury yacht charter and they haven’t additional crew aside from the captain. The yachts around fifty meters will normally come with crew and the design is normally 3 decker. They hold 10-12 luxurious guests. The tremendous giant yachts are over fifty meters in deck length. These boats would normally have a luxury yacht charter tender before docking. The yachts come completely geared up with advanced satellite communication and large entertainment screens amongst some other luxury facilities.

Yacht Owners and Makers

Citizens from around the world own these Virgin Islands luxurious watercrafts. Most of these owners are from the United states, from Western Europe and from the New Zealand and Australia. The makers of the luxurious boats additionally come from completely different states although the top makers come from European community. These yacht European makers comprise Ferretti, Azimut, Azimut-Benetti, Sunseekers and Feadship. There’re lots of completely different designs accessible for the Virgin Islands yacht charter.

International Yacht Charter Group specializes in providing luxury yacht charter to clients across the world. We’ve competitive offers and we offer complete yacht charter options with prime quality customer facility. You will discover out more about the Virgin Islands yacht charter and take a look at our charter offers by clicking on the links.

A slice of paradise exists in the British Virgin Islands where you can find abundant beaches, lush vegetation, exotic marine and wildlife species with adventure and activities enough to satisfy everyone’s check list for a perfect holiday. Virgin Traders can help you enjoy that slice of paradise.


Whistling Kisses 1
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BVI Tourist Board – info@bvitourism.com
BVI National Parks Trust – bvinpt@surfbvi.com
Virgin Traders – James Burgess
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