A Paradise of Blessings in the Storm

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From Isaiah Chapter 32 verses 19 and 20 reads as follows

19 Though hail flattens the forest 
and the city is leveled completely, 
20 how blessed you will be, 
sowing your seed by every stream, 
and letting your cattle and donkeys range free.

Verse 19 is representative of the opposite of blessings in the material sense.

An individual’s blessing can and often does tie in with the general state of affairs.

If the trains are off the tracks, then how am I going to get going with the train?

Bad news travels fast in this modern day world and there is the fear of it coming close and who is next in a bad way.

These verses seem to point to the blessings of the Lord being under a special cover or banner, which operates no matter what else, is going on.

The flattening of the forest and the leveling of the city is something you don’t necessarily want to see and it is something to intercede for from the distant even if it is not close by to you personally.

At the same time, these verses show that there is a sovereignty to the Lord’s blessings in that he will bless whomever he wants in whatever way he wants and this blessing is not tantamount to what is going on out there and will get through the haze and maze of every other difficulty out there.

The wellness of the land is not a prerequisite to a blessing getting through and being lived in by an individual whom the Lord is indeed blessing.

These verses point to the personalized relationship with the Lord and the words are really directed to an individual person, whomever that individual might be, who is being told they are blessed, what that blessing will entail and how it will be there despite outer happenings that indicate that this blessing is indeed individualized and not necessarily also a blessing that is more so participating in a generalized blessing, as that generalized blessing certainly and emphatically is not out there.

Instead of getting or getting nearly struck by lightening, blessings are flowing right overhead and landing in your personal fold.

The question is am I blessed? I am not so sure.

Some of the ill winds out there have gotten through to me and maybe more of the same is coming on yonder.

The directive is to go into the relationship and find out where you are in terms of the blessings or lack thereof.

Maybe I need to hone in on the prayer requests and dialogue to find out.

But it is also a matter of trust and discernment as this scripture reveals there can be a real split out there.

Maybe the blessings are there for me, but because of not the best choices I am right in the middle of the darkness when there is the truth and the availability of great light. There needs to be an ability to better distinguish what is going on and to understand the real possibility that I might be traveling on the dark side of things, whether by picking the wrong job, going to the wrong place, and so on, and be able to correct course away from what might be just mistakes rather than actual sin.

The image of streams in the scriptures relates to paradise like settings and effects, with overlays of this right from the beginning in the Garden of Eden.

Whatever you are trying to do is sowed by streams which carry it forward successfully and happily.

If you are not quite in this paradise of blessings, you should be at least pursuing it, or pursuing paradise, as this parallels the word where it mentions that joy that can be found in the blessings of the Lord.

If you are not in this paradise of blessings, you want to try to be closing in on them and not detoured in your thinking that the trouble out there is somehow also earmarked for you eventually.

Anything you are pursuing should have the overlay of joy for you in the Lord, paralleling the idea of a paradise, so ask the Lord for your personal paradise in this realm and in this domain.

Just because the storms are there, you don’t need to get caught maybe in the same traps as others but keep you eyes out for the blessing, in the context of the relationship with the Lord and these verses show how the blessings will be ongoing, as the streams keep flowing, and unrestricted in the freedom of those blessings.

Keep an eye towards every stream, every blessing and every piece of paradise the Lord may have for you.

The whole forest may be flattened but that isn’t what your eyes are on, and a key is to understand that it can always be paradise revisited with the Lord, through his leadings and blessings of joy, hope, and freedom begotten by his everlasting love for you.






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