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Once upon a time, sliding doors were purely functional. They were infamous for their utilitarian looks – aluminum sliders that looked stark, bare and metallic. Not the picture of elegance or beauty. These days however, a new type of sliding doors has appeared. Modern sliding doors are elegant, durable and very stylish. But with more options, comes more difficult decisions. If you need help choosing high quality sliding doors, you are not alone.

Sliding doors are made of a number of materials other than aluminum. Wood and composite materials can give your room an entirely new identity.

Wood sliding doors are warm and rich. Although, wood may be vulnerable to the effects of moisture and sun. To make these durable, they are primed and pre-painted. If you are willing to pay a premium, some manufacturers may even agree to custom paint wooden sliding doors. Alternatively, you could also opt for glass doors. Sliding doors made of composite material that look like wood but do not crack and require minimal maintenance are another great option. Some sliding doors have vinyl and aluminum coating. These doors have approximately six times the energy efficiency of wood.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying sliding doors is the material. In a majority of cases, people choose glass sliding doors for their elegance and utility. To make glass doors energy efficient, it is necessary to add a high quality glazing. To supplement the style of glass sliding doors, it is possible to buy painted or beveled glass. These effects, when installed in the right places, are quite stunning.

When buying sliding doors, you must make sure that the size of the sliding doors is just right for the segment. Sliding doors are available in standard sizes, but you can also get custom sliding doors that are built for your unique space. Some applications may require four-door-wide sections up to 16 feet wide.

The style of sliding doors also requires attention. Single and double opening styles are the most common. Along with the sliding doors, some companies also provide matching windows.

Sliding doors have come a long way from the stark doors of the past. Recent innovations in design and style separate today’s doors from the unimaginative entries of the past.

You can buy sliding doors from a local showroom or browse the catalogs of reputed online manufacturers. Modern-thinking companies offer the best in style and design. Try to find online reviews or customer testimonials to help ensure that their products are high quality and that the terms of purchase are customer friendly.

Sliding doors to bring comfort and an air of sophistication to your home or office. For all your sliding glass doors need visit Space Plus LLC.

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