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There are several things you can do during your Newquay holidays. Choose from among the many Cornwall holiday cottages available around and give yourself a comfortable place to stay during your Newquay holidays. One of the major attractions is visiting the several amusement and theme parks in Newquay. You can take your entire family to these parks and have a great family time together. So, start out from the Cornwall holiday cottages and plan a visit to these amusement parks in Newquay.

Alton Towers: As the second most visited theme park in Great Britain, and the eleventh overall in the continent, Alton Towers in has entertained visitors for over thirty years, though the grounds have served as the base for various amusements and gatherings since the 1860s. Alton Towers is known for its twisting coaster rides like Thirteen and heart-stopping drop rides like X-Sector Oblivion, plus a combination cruise and tour ride based upon the popular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Phantasialand: Situated in Bruhl, in the North Rhine region of Germany, Phantasialand brings a taste of different civilizations, with themed pavilions dedicated to Old World Mexico, the American Wild West, and Ancient China. Thrill rides enjoyed by the near two million visitors annually include the inverted coaster Black Mamba and a mine train coaster called Colorado Adventure.

These parks clearly are not all the same in their intended audience, ambience and attractions. Unless you are visiting SoCal for at least a couple of weeks, you likely will not have the time to visit all of the parks, so here is a brief discussion of their unique characteristics and differences.

We begin with the southerly amusement parks. Sea World is fun for anyone, but folks with a particular interest in animals and the marine world especially will love this park. There are activities and shows for young children as well as for older kids and adults. If neither you nor your kids are into ocean life, this park will not be at the top of your list.

Next up the coast is Legoland. This amusement park is easy to figure out; it is designed for smaller children. There are some activities for older brothers and sisters, but it’s for the little ones. It includes quite a few educational attractions, making learning fun.

The Niagara region’s answer to Sea World is the smaller but more spread-out Marineland. The park is a mix of aquarium attractions and rides. Much of it is designed for very young children with their families. There are also several shows on the property that have a regular rotation. Killer Whales and Beluga Whales are major animal headliners at Marineland. Visitors may be able to visits these animals up close and personal, and even pet them. Visitors attending one of the shows may see dolphins, sea lions, and walruses. There is a pond where visitors may feed swarming fish, and even a place to meet animals of the land, such as deer and bears.

There are a few standard amusement rides. Of special note is the world’s largest steel roller coaster, laid out over 30 acres. Also enjoy the feeling of being propelled straight upwards at 60 miles per hour on the park’s skyscraping tower ride (the tower ride is brilliantly positioned so that anybody viewing Horseshoe Falls can see it on the distant horizon).
Marineland is large, with the attractions spread out over many acres – so don’t expect a Disneyland or Sea World experi-ence where many rides are packed into a small area.

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