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Most  Ancient Greek Armor will look like the Italic Corinthian design, which is characterized by a tall plume that may be made into a pony tail at the end. It also has the long cheek guards with a slot in the middle for maximum air flow. It also will be a tan plume, red, or black. Depending on the color of the rest of your outfit (black, brass, or bronze armor), any of these plume colors will do. The most popular out their for the Italic Corinthian is going to be the tan and red plumes.Another popular Ancient Greek Armor is the Hoplite helmet. The Hoplite was a common soldier for the Greek armor and they carried the recognizable white round shield and a long spear. They were excellent for repelling cavalry and charges by soldiers. However, being not very maneuverable, they were vulnerable to attacks in the rear.



This type of helmet usually had a plume of fine horse hair that had strength and durability. Often times it was made into a braided pony tail at the end of the plume.The main thing to remember when looking at Greek helmets is that many of them look very similar. This is most likely a good thing when you are doing your historical research or are looking for a helmet to purchase. As many of Greek helmets sold in stores may look very similar or the same, you can bet that purchasing on of these will be a safe purchase for your collection or reenactment group. All in all, finding the classic  Ancient Greek Armor is a matter of research and visiting many web stores and history sites. Many of the helms you’ll find are about the same design, so you’ll get the general idea as to what the different types of Greek helmets are. Of course, some of the best ways to research Greek history is reading articles and news snippets on major websites and in encyclopedias. After that you may try visiting web stores to find the most historically accurate Greek Helmet.


They will be relatively inexpensive compared to armor and they will take up most of the wall, catching people’s eyes. You can then add a Greek helmet to the top of the collage to add a little extra spice to the display. Another simple way to add to your décor is having a couple of Greek swords on display. Though smaller than the spears, they will get the point across.If you really want to go all out and have a full display of armor and weapons, then this is what you’ll need to do. First of all, most Greek armor is not meant to be hung on the wall, so you’ll need to custom make a wall hanger or else a wooden shelf to put the armor on.

The Royal Greek Muscle Cuirass is perfect for this. It is made by the manufacturer Deepeeka and is carried in many online stores. This armor set also comes with a Royal belt, which you can hang from the armor. Next, you’ll need to make a helmet stand or wall hanger for any one of the many authentic Greek helmets available in stores. However, if you wish to match your armor, you’ll need to get the Royal Corinthian Helmet.

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