Bayern won the favor of the Brazilian striker Tony exposes soil to become super-wealthy targets

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Italy striker Luca Toni to leave Bayern in recent days appears to be growing, and, almost every day, people can see the emergence of a new buyer, in addition to La Liga and Serie A, and now, even the Turks are also involved.

Luca Toni may be replaced by Diego Ge Beituo

According to Turkish web site “Fanatik” said the Fenerbahce coach Daum to Tony very interested in buying the club ready to shot Tony. As the contradictions and Bayern coach Van Gaal has reached white-hot stage, Tony on the team had a miserable day, Gomez, rivals such as the excellent state of Olic has blocked his chance to return to starting lineup , to follow the Italian expedition in South Africa, the winter break another club to become the best choice for Tony. However, compared with the Serie A and La Liga, Fenerbahce was the allure of much smaller, which is probably wishful thinking Turks.


Tony not to go, has been claimed to be to take over, and played for Sao Paulo FC team to the outside world again and again Gebei Tuo declared: “My agent told me that Bayern are interested in me.” Sao Paulo FC, the weekend To impact champion, Diego Ge Beituo said: “I will now only focus on the game, then we’ll talk about things related with Bayern.” at least one thing is sure, Diego Ge Beituo can not wait to visit Europe, ” For me, a dream to play in Europe, but I will only go to those who purchase high team. “

Diego Ge Beituo 26-year-old, height 1 m 75, weight 75 kg, he is characterized by fast, skilful, feet can be used freely. National team, he never played in the Brazilian national team, but participated in the U20 and U23 teams, 21 games into the 8-ball. Sao Paulo FC in 2007 joined the team after 88 games in his 20 ball into the present, he and the team’s contract to 2011. Because Tony is about to leave, Miroslav Klose and Olic are also over 30 years of age, in order to consider the future of the team, Bayern look for new candidates on the front line not impossible.



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