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by keso

and the end market is almost at the same reaction, the market research agencies seize the opportunity to publish the color TV market, increasing flight figures, 1 May LCD TV’s overall sales growth of 50%, sales growth of 70% or more, most of the mainstream TV brand is maintained at 100% growth.

Li Xue Zhao did not expect this year
Market is so hot. Last year in June, Jinan, Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. will Zibo branch offices and business to do the merger, LI Xue-Zhao became general manager. Soon after the merger met the end of the world
Crisis, however, Xue-Zhao was set for myself the “2009 color TV sales up 20%” target. This is already very high goals, and beginning of the year he was still worried that he might not finish the task. Six months later, Li Zhao University of feedback quells the market: “1 ~ 5 months, we realized a 70% sales growth, which really surprised me.”

Zibo City, Shandong Province, General Manager of Shun Ruishun Gong, and Li Zhao University had the same feeling. Shun-TV market this year in describing exultant: “to build a store in the town indiscriminately, can sell anything. The market is such a fire.” As a local electrical distributor, is expected this year, Shun
Amount to more than 40% growth, which he dared not think the figures earlier in the year.

And end market is almost at the same reaction, the market research agencies have also published a timely manner by the digital TV market flight, 1 May
The overall sales growth of 50%, sales growth of 70% or more, most of the mainstream TV brand is maintained at 100% growth.

Many organizations believe that by 2010 or 2011, China will surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest LCD TV market. DisplaySearch also quickly revised his 2009 forecast China’s LCD TV market, the original forecast of 18.8 million from the platform to rise to 23.6 million units.

The Government adopted measures, “
Appliances to the countryside
“And” TM “policy of continuous stimulation, the Chinese color TV industry, CRT TV LCD TV replaced the speed is rapidly increased. China’s color TV industry has been described as entering a long-awaited summer. But behind the flourishing still a lot of hidden crisis. this summer might just come back from the dead lift autumn winter.

Policy driven by high growth

Some people the Chinese government’s policy implementation, likened to the winter heating installed in the family religious ties to the market pulled back from the fall winter. So far, the most obvious effect is to get home appliances to the countryside policy.

Appliances to rural areas policy changed several times, from the three pilot provinces and cities in 14 provinces and cities across the country to the national final, starting from the three pilot product to the present 12 categories of products, limit is increased gradually The purpose is to expand the scope of products in the market to rural areas in order to stimulate greater consumption in rural areas. Government subsidies for home appliances to the countryside as much as 20 billion yuan.

Color TV in the home appliances to the countryside policy position is this: across the country can buy, limit from 2000 yuan to 3500 yuan, which means 37-inch and below LCD TV can get 13% subsidies. At the same time the Government has adjusted the way to receive subsidies, in 16 provinces and cities by the abolition of township financial audit, the District Finance Bureau payment links, can be directly qualified sales outlets, according to the purchase price of the product back 87% of payment home.

Po Village in Zibo City, Shandong Province of Pu Chunhong to give his son to buy a wedding color TV, she is almost without thinking, counter products directly to home appliances to the countryside bought a 26-inch color TV. Count business promotion, she only spent 1,900 yuan (26-inch LCD TV prices are generally awarded 1999 yuan). Pu Chunhong, said net income for her family about a year more than 10,000 yuan, should be able to afford to buy a color TV, and are not to buy each year.

In rural China, farmers have Puchun Hong idea that many of the appliances to rural areas of strong government propaganda, but also let her feel now to buy household electrical appliances are “taking advantage of.” Appliance manufacturer’s general view is: leveraging the manufacturers home appliances to the countryside for many years failed to leveraging market. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman announced the latest data: As of the end of May, bringing home appliances product has been sold 9.87 million units, sales of 153 billion, of which sales exceeded the countryside 2.42 million color TV sets.

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