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by The-E

Christmas is a time of the year of which no matter how young or old you happen to be it’s actually still a exciting time of year.

Room decorations Christmas trees Fancy Lighting and christmas gifts not failing to remember Santa.

I have 3 little ones and to see their faces once the decorations go up, they love to help, well, they try to anyway, a lot more like create a pickle nevertheless it’s the enjoyment on the faces.

The six months leading up to Christmas with all of them choosing what they really want Santa to bring them and each week both changing his or her mind as well as adding something different to the list.

I made the decision to make my Christmas list in 2010 simply a little ask was for a dubai holidays treat, well understandably my other half just didn’t quite see it as a little ask, I have no idea why it is the one thing I desired.

So on that note not listening to the words NO I took myself of on the internet to find out precisely what Dubai had to provide for Xmas. It seems like Dubai really goes to town concerning how to commemorate Xmas, the day is celebrated by simply choosing an artificial tree sprinkling lots of fake snow all-around and hosting special attractions through the day. Dubai have their very own local event celebrations for Christmas that actually start on the 24th Dec and the celebration is relished until the 6th January.

The Children would certainly still have the chance to pay a visit to Santa, see all of the shopping centers decorated from floor to ceiling with trees and decorations. Supermarkets are generally piled with all the common Holiday celebrations.

For the more religious people there remains to be the choice to attend Church, with a few parishes opening the doors to the public to be able to celebrate the celebration.

The food despite the fact that different from what we are used to in the uk sounds really appetising, it concludes with people traveling to friends in the morning to share Liquors, Coffee and also Sugar Almonds. Lunch includes Kubbeh, Which is made of crushed boiled wheat blended with meat salt, pepper and onion accompanied together with chicken and rice and pudding is set as the uk might commemorate with all the traditional Mince pies and Christmas pudding.

3 specific malls in Dubai have got set traditions on what they celebrate such a festive time of year.

The Mall Of Emirate – They will set their own Christmas tree up which stands thirteen metres high and this is done to get donations for the charity event.
The Dubai Mall – They feature a feeding display of stingrays and also sharks included in their Christmas decorations, a lot of discount rates and discounts are sent out to consumers.
Sharaf DG – This is an electronics store and they’re operating Competitions to win a 32inch Television together with discounted prices on mobiles.

I’d absolutely state that this is a Christmas well worth having, the different culture and climate, ok it isn’t snow but you do not usually get that in the united kingdom either, but to notice the fun the children could have is obviously worth it, now all I’ve got to do is convince my fiancé, I think some puppy dog eyes from me and the children as well as some specifics and pictures of what a wonderful time we’d have on a Christmas dubai holidays should work magic.

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Writing about what’s going on in my life, and what I find interesting, can be anything ranging from where to go on holiday, buying a car (as my family are all mechanics) and getting the right insurance through to anything else of interest that I’ve been reading or doing.

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