Cody and Joey, My Two Adorable Love Birds – Keeping Them Healthy

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If you don’t know about Love Birds, or know what they look like, you are missing out. Love Birds are THE cutest, funniest, most rambunctious, playful little creatures. They are very colorful. Some have lite blue feathers with a touch of black on their faces and others are green with black, orange and yellow feathers. Although I have always preferred the lite blue, a friend surprised me for my birthday one year with two who were then three months old, and green.

Cody is my “little girl”. She is the more adventurous one. That little bird has more toys than the average child and plays with every one. She also is always more interested in what Joey is doing and will stop and rush to him to check him out.

Joey my “little boy”, on the other hand, is more reserved, follows Cody around like a puppy dog and lets her do the discovering before he will go near anything new. He’s kind of a “chicken” if you will forgive the pun!

They sleep snuggling, love to feed each other but watch out when one of them is angry. Literally, feathers fly!

The oddest thing they have ever done is feather plucking. I came home from a business trip to discover Cody bald as an Eagle. I rushed her to the Vet who told me Joey was the culprit. He evidently was distraught I wasn’t there and to keep busy, plucked every single feather off her head leaving the ones over her eyes. He also cleaned her neck and chest feathers. Today, all these years later, Cody remains featherless!

You can keep them healthy and clean by doing these things:

1. Feed them seeds, peanuts in shells, all types of fresh fruit and veggies.

2. Keep their cages as clean as possible, which is, difficult but necessary.

3. Give them wood to gnaw on but pick inexpensive pieces because it is shocking to put a $ 14.99 wood toy in the cage and within a day, it is gone.

4. Keep them cool by leaving my air conditioner on low all the time, and spray them once in a while.

5. Be sure their cage is large enough for them to get around. Since they can’t fly around your home, they need to flap their wings once in a while.

6. Talk to them as often as you can. I bobbed my head standing next to their cage when I first got them, and I bonded with them quickly mimicking them.

It would be a wonderful thing for people to be in love as much as these two are. My little friends are now almost 19, and I worry that when one of them passes away, the other will quickly follow. In the meantime, I am loving them, enjoying them and hope I’ve enticed a few of you readers to get a pair for yourself or for someone you adore.

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