Common Interests Of Small Home Appliances Charger Difficult Barriers Is The Main Reason

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Ministry of Information Industry has just released a mobile phone charger interface standard, but the reporter found that the same number of small household electrical appliances there is no uniform standard rechargeable batteries, charger similar products difficult to universal phenomenon.

Very fact that Beijing told reporters reflect consumers, since having a son, home video games will be day to day, but its a long time, she found that although all of these video games use rechargeable batteries, but only a relatively small head, activity was not keen to use the standard battery toys, while the remote control cars, remote control boat, and electric motorcycles, electric cars, are all using the product self-charging batteries and chargers. Shapes of these rechargeable batteries, charger, interface is also not the same, they are irreplaceable, and if one breaks down, can only buy new, but the rechargeable battery and charger is not easy get the result that the toys had to scrap.

Reporter interviewed some of Beijing’s shopping centers, supermarkets, found that electronic toys in price from tens of dollars to a thousand dollars on a number of high-end remote control toys including cars, electric cars, the price more expensive than even small appliances. Many of these video games with a dedicated rechargeable battery and charger, detailed view of the toy’s instructions, some toys also specified the “use rechargeable batteries and charger package” and so forth. Golden Resources Mall in the sales area of a children’s products, the reporter asked the clerk: “If the battery charger is broken or how to do?” “Generally not bad, if bad can only get the factory repair or buy new But the expense of the consumers out. “salesman also told reporters that because most electric toy manufacturer is not Beijing, but Beijing has not set up maintenance point, so repair is not generally possible to buy new only by mail etc., one to two to the delay, the children have passed the fresh trial of strength. So, if broken, as directly as waste disposed.

Beijing Institute of Environmental Sciences Director, Deputy Secretary-General of the Golden Lion, at the present China still lacks a sound e-waste recycling system is in place, charger, rechargeable battery inside the copper, aluminum, plastic, electrolytes and other non-ferrous metals on the environment great damage.

Then, charger and rechargeable batteries, why there are “thousands of machines with a thousand faces” of the situation? An electronic technology company official told reporters that the company is supporting the production of electrical manufacturers of rechargeable batteries and chargers, in general, companies will make their own product requirements, the requirements of some companies which would be more special. Light Industry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the battery Renru Kun Lin Jieshao said, with existing technology level, as long as the parties to coordinate design standards, unification in the charger and other accessories on the configuration is not impossible. But the current national standards related to the battery did not charge the battery and charger interface standard specifications.

“Although a standard size rechargeable battery and charger interface is beneficial to consumers, and community matters, but this way is likely to harm the interests of some enterprises, the lack of national standards in the case of difficult to get corporate support . “Cao Guoqing the Secretary-General of China Battery Industry Association, told reporters that the current technical level, there is no technical difficulties, the interests of barriers is the main reason. Although the batteries and chargers are equipped with the toys sold in the consumer, and its profit had included in price of the toy, but also there may be secondary consumption. If the unified model of the standard battery, it means losing a large market, a result, businesses have to maintain the status quo power, of course, will not easily give up the battery, charger and electronic toys and other small appliances in the “bundling” Some companies will give their products special patented. And because electric toys and other small appliances, rechargeable batteries and charger focal point is scattered, the lack of a unified regulatory agencies to develop a unified standard is also difficult.

Experts have called for saving society from the building to maintain the interests of consumers point of view, as soon as possible unified interface, rechargeable battery and charger specifications.

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