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Crediton, Devon England is a historic place. It has approximately 7,000 people, offering tourists a friendly atmosphere. This town is close to the scenic River Creedy and is between two steep hills. In Crediton there are two parts you should explore. including the Old Town and the New Town, also known as the east side and the west side.


This small town has a long history. Saint Boniface was born there in 672. He went on to spread Christianity in the large Frankish Empire later in the 8th Century. Crediton is also a small market town within the English system of towns. Additionally, it’s conveniently located about 7 or so miles from the much larger town of Exeter. Residing in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, there is much to see in and around the town.


Crediton has played a role in English history over the centuries. There is mention of activities involving the town during the English Civil War, and a great fire occurred there – second largest in the country next to London ’s own blaze – in 1743. By the early 20th century, the principal industries in the town included shoe making, tanning of animal hides, and cider making, among several small trades.


Today, Crediton benefits from modern business, and is a central location for shopping for the surrounding area. There are also several historic pubs sprinkled throughout the town. A prominent local landmark is the Church of the Holy Cross, first built in the mid-11th century.


Devon, the county in which Crediton resides, is a large area. It shares borders with Cornwall, in the west, and Dorset and Somerset, in the east. It has a beautiful stretch of English Channel coastline, too. That coastline is also part of the Jurassic Coast, and is a designated UN World Heritage Site. Crediton and Devon offer a myriad of shopping, sightseeing and tourist opportunities.


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