Curve Of Best Buy Into China: Home Appliance Chain M & Upgrade

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Recently, Five Star Headquarters officially announced to the outside world, and the world’s largest home appliance chain

Best Buy (BestBuy) agreement, Best Buy, Five Star received 180 million U.S. dollars

Investment . So far, Best Buy to enter the China market, channel preparation of this appliance has reached 3 years of the plan is finally settled, Best Buy will acquire 51% stake in Five Star, the largest shareholder, the formal entry into the Chinese home appliance chain channels, direct and home appliance chain Big Three

States United States , Suning , Wing-lok, head on. Gome, Suning, Yongle interview indicated, because the basic five-star store in the secondary and tertiary markets, and a share of the market is basically saturated, so even if Best Buy and do not give them five-star collaboration with to a substantial threat and impact. On the contrary, the entry of foreign capital, will be more to promote their management intensive.

And industry experts said, as a global chain, Best Buy has great purchasing power and financial security, is unparalleled in the domestic home appliance chain. The past two years, there will be a national chain map of the most significant changes, not only in the regional chain is a national chain of acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions between national chain will appear, appliance stores in the future there will only be possible three or four, or even two or three control patterns.

The end of Best Buy shop in Shanghai

According to latest information released by Five Star, Best Buy and Five Star currently the co-operation has been the approval of relevant Chinese government departments, and in May 11 was the business license. Five Star’s current management, including the company’s founder, will continue as the company positions, Five Star’s stores will continue to be star

Brand Management, Jian-Guo Wang will continue as Chairman of the Board and President of the five-star post.

Insiders pointed out that the Best Buy acquired 51% stake in Five Star, so Best Buy has the ultimate right to speak, was holding the five-star also has some say, to set up a new company is more reasonable of.

Best Buy human resources and management powerful than the five-star, Best Buy at this stage need to use the power of rapid integration into the local five-star chain in China market. Therefore, Best Buy will maintain its current stability and coordination, in the short term will not lead to the loss of five-star staff.

For Best Buy Five Star Holdings, the new company which plans, Best Buy Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai head office and the relevant public information is not specific answer to reporters, but said that the cooperation with the Five Star Best Buy accelerated understanding of China’s retail environment, in addition, is also accelerating this year, China opened its first stores in the planning process.

According to insiders, the White Best Buy This time after the five-star appliances will be walking on two legs: one to the domestic market and GOME, Suning, Yongle and other household appliances chain

Competition ; In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, a city, Best Buy, which they had to build high-end brand

Flagship store , Is expected to open in Shanghai this year will be 3, Beijing opened two stores.

Intended to circumvent Capital Risk? Five Star Chairman Wang Jianguo told reporters: “Five Star will benefit from Best Buy

Retail Operation , IT and Logistics Aspects of advanced experience, China will continue to enhance the consumer shopping experience. “

In fact, Best Buy is known as “do not fight a battle unprepared” features. Household appliances, said a senior expert Luo Yan night, Best Buy to open retail outlets in the front and Chinese companies are different, they spent much time on research, and once involved will do its best, this should be the Best Buy Five Star cooperation with the basic intent.

In addition, Five Star has been in the past two years to raise funds and improve the company’s ownership structure, seeking to help the listed strategic investors. The Best Buy is a complete industrial investors, they want to pass to enter the China Five Star Holding electrical chain store market.

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as japanese car importers , ultimate fighting challenge.

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