Danakil Desert: Journey to Hell on Earth

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Nowadays, more and more people spend money on two-week tour to one of the strangest places on Earth: Danakil Desert in Ethiopia. The Danakil Desert, located in the north-east of Ethiopia and southern Eritrea, is the home to Afar people. The dessert lying up to 100m below sea level is well-known for its heat. Danakil Desert fully deserves the “Cruelest Place on Earth”. The “beauty” of Danakil Desert offers tourists the feeling of unearthly environment existing on the planet thanks to sulphurous lakes, toxic gases, violent vulcanos and fiery air temperatures. The Danakil Desert lives on salt mining as the main industry.


The most inhospitable area is poor in fauna and flora. The main scenes are desert flatlands, isolated mountains and valleys of thorny acacias. Many volcanoes are found in Danakil Desert including Dabbahu Volcano and Erta Ale – “Queen of all volcanoes”. If you are planning to visit Danakil Desert, you should know that there will be no four-star hotels here but unique and incredible sights in harsh heats and strangest smells imaginable.


The north crater of Erta Ale volcano in Danakil desert contains a 75-meter across lake of molten lava.


The “Catherine Ash Ring” is captured from height



A sulphur lake is seen boiling in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. It looks like the earth’s hottest spot. The desert is also the home of an active volcano.


The Danakil is located at the lowest point in Africa which reportedly has the hottest average temperature on Earth.


The recorded low temperature makes the hot winter and spring.


The active volcano results in volcanic salt formation in Dallol, Danakil Desert.


Visitors can hardly travel to the hell desert without special clothes.


Towers of salt and crystallized salt riverbed create stunning landscape in the unique desert. Local people would only appreciate the place for its salt deposits.


The sulfur volcanic landscape in Danakil Desert.


The green acid salt ponds contain miniature geysers and yellow acid salt


Danakil Desert is located at over 300 feet (90 meters) below the sea level. The temperature can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius).



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