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Every avid hunter in the United States eagerly looks forward for the start of hunting season in the Fall. There are individuals who “enjoy” hunting, who are concerned with what rifle they have and whether they have hunting permits. The other type of hunter is the one who is steeped in experience, and knows the depth of planning and organizing equipment hunting requires. The more experienced hunter will know having equipment such as a ghillie suit is of great importance while out in the wilderness.

Any serious hunter should know that investing in a ghillie suit, pays its dividends many times over. These suits are of huge significance as they provide the needed camouflage that allow hunters to stalk and hunt their prey. Difference is, without one many hunters tend to go home frustrated and empty handed.

While ghillie suits serve as an extremely useful tool, its understandable why some individuals prefer not to use them. The number one reason why some prefer to go without a ghillie suit, is the standard green and brown pattern. For obvious reasons, this pattern does not blend in with every environment, as not every individual hunts or plays in environments with suitable foliage. The other reason is that when wearing a ghillie suit, it tends to get pretty hot, pretty quickly. Many of these concerns have been addressed by ghillie suit manufacturers. Today, you can get a ghillie suit to fit the environment you intend to use it for. Additionally, ghillie suits today are made of lighter and synthetic materials that allow the suits to breath and are therefore much cooler even in the heat of a battle.

While in the past, ghillie suits were manufactured in standard green and brown patterns, today you can get ghillie suits in woodland, mossy, leafy green, and even desert. The desert pattern is especially useful for individuals who play or hunt in areas with tall grasses and open fields, as opposed to trees and greenery forests. Ghillie suits are worn by the average hunter to a highly skilled sniper in the military. With military operations expansive all of the world, and especially in the middle east – desert ghillie suits needed to be cool when worn. For this reason they are extremely light weight, which allows the wearer to remain cool when wearing it. This type of suit has also been popular with paintball enthusiasts – as players are constantly moving and need something that can move with them. Desert ghillie suits let them do that.

As paintball is a physically demanding activity (at least for the good players), traditional ghillie suits, which are known to be made with heavy materials would not have allowed players to actively participate; as they were difficult to wear, move around with and fear of overheating. Desert suits being used by professionals in hot environments, needed to be light weight and cool. Whether you are a sniper or an amazing paintball player, desert ghillie suits provide the wearer with needed concealment, while being comfortable and maneuverable.

Desert ghillie suits, have evolved in their own right. Previously made in simple light browns and tans, today you can find high quality suits made with various hues of desert to allow hunters and players to better blend in with their environment.

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