Developments In China’s Household Electrical Appliance Industry In The First Half Is Much Better

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First half of the household electrical appliance industry in China is relatively good development momentum

National Bureau of Statistics recently released “Industrial output of main products and the growth rate (June 2009)” Statistics show that the first half of our home
Washing machine
Total production increased by 4.1%, to 20,056,400 units; home
Up 9.2% to 30,043,900 units; home freezers rose 9.6% to 6,332,400 units; room air fell 20%, reduced to 45,327,900 units; mobile
Handset slightly, by 5.1% year on year, reduced to 267,881,500 units; computer machine rose 10.9% to 76,623,300 units; color TV was up slightly by 1.3% to 41,742,800 units.

And China’s industrial growth rate of output of main products

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Senior industry observers have said the fly, in the global economic slowdown has not yet significant signs of improvement in the background, by
Bringing home appliances
, Trade-and triple-energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies to promote the positive factors, China’s home appliance market, urban markets and rural areas have shown strong momentum slip. Combined with 4 trillion stimulus plan and the Government’s policy to promote a strong, steady rise of China’s economy has entered a critical stage. In this case, the consumption of urban and rural household appliance market potential will be further released to promote the steady recovery in the second half of China’s household electrical appliance industry, and will further promote the household electrical appliance enterprises “going out” to open up foreign markets need to provide strong protection.

Not get rid of household electrical appliance industry in the doldrums, Japan

Japanese Motor Industry (JEMA) today announced the addition of air conditioning as white goods 4 to 6 months the amount of domestic shipments, compared with slightly by 1% a year earlier, to 338.7 billion yen less. Stimulated saving
Demand for household appliances to buy “green points” system, the effect of the implementation, refrigerator sales greatly improved, however, such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners were more sharply last year showed the negative trend.

Which, refrigerators, shipments rose 8.3% to 99.9 billion yen; Number of units shipped increased slightly by 1.3% year on year, but due to large-scale models sell for more than five hundred liters of factors pushed up the overall shipment volume refrigerator year on year growth. The amount of washing machine shipments decreased 3.5% year on year, fell to 62.3 billion yen; vacuum cleaners are up high single-digit decline 7.1%, down to 22.7 billion yen. The main push of the major companies IH cooking heaters are the property slump, down by 5.5%, down to 24.1 billion yen.

According to Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JE
A) has announced the June consumer electronics machinery (or consumer electronics, consumer electronics) statistical report shows that the amount of the month a year earlier shipments fell 5.1%, decreased to 251.4 billion yen, showing up for 9 consecutive months of decline adverse situation. Despite the popularity of the government to promote green appliances and terrestrial TV switch green points (points) subsidy system drive
Flat Panel TV
There up the recovery trend, however, such as car navigation and car audio machines and other machinery were reduced from a year earlier about the role of 2 to 3 percent.

Reported that an image of flat-panel televisions as main machine about domestic shipment volume grew 2.7%, to 179 billion yen, the first time after an interval of 5 months over the same period last year. Number of areas in which Taiwan, in June the number of flat-panel TV shipments Taiwan greatly increased 28.5% year on year, reaching 1.087 million units, maintained a two-digit growth.

Car navigation systems, vehicle machinery shipments are down 18.0% volume reduced to 62 billion yen. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) the number of car container shipping units remained roughly 2.5 times the significant growth; car navigation is increasing year on year increase of 4.2%, after a lapse of 9 months over the same period last year, but the car Audio, vehicles
And so is still unable to shake off the negative trend year on year decline sharply.

Expert advice: seize the opportunity, taking advantage of the “going out”

Who fly that, in the second half for consumer appliances electronics enterprises in China, consolidating the domestic market, while the good development momentum, make full use of China’s steady rise of the time difference of economic advantages, and actively opening up overseas markets.

Especially in the changing modes of export market growth, enhanced product quality at the same time the one hand, a lot of smoke should be commissioned for processing orders from overseas counterparts, and we need to focus on improving its own brand export ratio, to seize the opportunity for China products going out, Chinese companies go global, fast layout of the overseas market, seize the high ground of the market.

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