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ECU Mapping is a procedure carried out on modern cars to help improve engine performance. Leading on from that ECU Remapping is where the engine map is changed slightly to help improve things such as BHP (brake horse power) and torque, whilst also often giving improved fuel efficiency too.

Before we go any further, lets just clear up the ECU – engine control unit – this is the part of the vehicle that controls all of the other electronics of the car – basically telling them all what to do.

Today’s car engines rely very heavily on computer processors of one sort or another in order to maintain and monitor their performance, be these sensors or control units, they are in almost every part of the car. All of these processors are monitored (by the ECU) and most can be tweaked in one way or another to make them more efficient.

You may ask why they are not optimised to begin with – the reason being is that the car from the factory is always set up the same for an “average” driver in “average” conditions. The problem with this is that non of us live in average conditions and non of us drive in an average way. This means that on the whole there is a lot of room for the car to be tweaked in a variety of ways to improve performance based on how we as an individual drives it, and where we are doing the driving (eg hot climate with lots of hills, compared with a cold flat location).

How is the engine remapped? All of the cars have a port or interface into which an external computer can be plugged. This enables a trained mechanic to read the performance details of the vehicle and then see where any efficiencies could be made that is personalised to the driver of the vehicle in those specific conditions. The changes (or remap) are then reloaded back into the ECU and the computer in effect tells the other parts of the car to perform slightly differently from then on.

Many owners can feel a significant difference simply from driving away normally whether that be in the speed in which the car accelerates or on a smoother driving experience through the gears, or more subtle improvements such as the increased fuel efficiency.

It is possible to have a somewhat do it yourself approach to the ECU remapping where you can purchase “maps” that you simply upload to the vehicle without understanding the mechanics or analysing the previous history of the car. This simply puts a different average map on the vehicle and could easily cause damage to the engine or in some cases be downright dangerous.

Petrol engines both turbo and non turbo, along with diesel engines can all be remapped. It is generally the diesel engines that see the best performance improvements with the remapping with improvements of 25-50% power (bhp) and 50-75% torque improvements not being uncommon.

ECU Remapping is a cost effective way to get more from your engine whether it be through improved BHP, torque or fuel efficiency. Harrogate remapping is a great place to leave your car for it to be remapped while you enjoy the lovely Yorkshire spa town, or nip over to Leeds or York for the day.

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