England: The Place For History Lessons In The UK

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Each country in the United Kingdom has much to offer, and for England, it is the history that makes it what it is today.  People all over the world visit England not only for its modern attractions from theme parks to sporting stadiums but also for the historic significance of the country.  For people on their way to holidays in Pembrokeshire in Wales, England would make a good stopover destination as there are plenty of good sites to visit here and many holiday cottages UK has to offer can be found here.

Prehistoric men called this land their home before the Celtic tribes of old claimed the land as their own.  The Romans, acknowledging the importance of the land invaded it and later on by the Normans Through the centuries, the land now called as England has collected a history that would rival that of any nation.  This is what makes an England trip a unique one and a must for people on holidays in Pembrokeshire and staying in holiday cottages UK for their vacation.

Hadrian’s Wall for example is the most popular destination in northern England and it is rich in historical significance.  For one, it was built in the year 122 which makes it one of the oldest attractions in the United Kingdom.  The Wall as it is usually called is a World Heritage Site as declared in 1987.  Today though, tourists can explore it with complete freedom as it remains unguarded.  It is obvious though that vandalism in any form is not tolerated so visiting the remnants of the wall includes policing yourself and others just like you would help in protecting historic holiday cottages UK and other historic sites you can see while on holidays in Pembrokeshire.

Stonehenge, known the world over can also be found in England and if you are one of the millions of people longing to see this mysterious site, visiting it on your way to your holidays in Pembrokeshire is a must. Be warned though that when visiting the site during the summer months, it would be crowded with tourists just like holiday cottages UK offer would be packed with guests.

These are just a couple of historic sites you can see in England on your tour of the United Kingdom.  For places where there are guided tours, it would be best to book an appointment especially if you would be traveling in a group, and while you’re at it, you should also book rooms on comfortable holiday cottages UK.  Apart from England, the other three countries included in the UK also have historic places which you should see while on your way to your holidays in Pembrokeshire.

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