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to Calabria  -  - Entrepreneur’s to Do List
by lyonora

In October and November I engaged in continuing my education. I started by attending an online conference provided by the International Virtual Assistant Association and then I took an online class to become certified in the Practice Pay Solutions. Entrepreneurs have to create a work culture that will produce clients, solidify their reputation, and generate income. Here are some suggestions on how to use your thoughts, emotions and actions to create a productive work day that focuses your energy in a direction to attract the business and income you desire.

Business owners are responsible for creating their own business building activities, or tasks, to generate work/money. One way to start an ongoing to-do list is to gather all the information you’ve collected, like articles, newsletters, books, etc., and start reading. As you read (action) certain knowledge will inspire you-make you feel (emotions) – “Oh, okay that’s how I do that!” When you experience that “aha moment” write or highlight that knowledge to add to your to-do list later. After obtaining enough pertinent information for a healthy list of tasks (10 items, 20 items; the number is up to you) create a productivity chart.

One option for creating a productivity chart is to write (action) down what tasks you intend to accomplish each day; then as you complete them, check them off. A second option is look at the long task list you created, select an activity, and when you have completed the task add it to your chart. I started my chart after reading Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden. This book is a guide on how to select activities according to your current business phase; and then walks you through the process of creating a chart using the activities you selected.

Another consideration when developing a business owner’s work day is to remember to think about the time you’ll dedicate to your business building activities. For example, I’ve learned through teleclasses to designate a certain amount of time weekly to social networking, blogging, and attending teleclasses. To avoid becoming overwhelmed with your to-do list regard the time each activity will take, especially since some activities will use significant amounts of time, like attending live events and online programs. Time management is also important for knowing when to stop working. It is easy for entrepreneurs to work, work, work until they are emotionally, mentally, and physically depleted. Decide how many hours you will work each day and only work those hours. Extended work days will come but should be the exception instead of the rule.

My Bottom Line
Entrepreneurs are responsible for creating their work days as well as their income. A business owner prospers by the way they circulate energy into their company. For this reason, it is imperative to obtain industry knowledge on a regular basis, adopt activities that will generate income, and employ time management systems regarding your work days. Use your thoughts, emotions and actions to develop a work culture that is intelligent (specific actions to reach a specific goal), select activities that you enjoy doing, and respect your time.

Electra Ford

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