Firefox 4.0 Beta: Striking Features

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Mozilla recently introduced the first beta version of Firefox 4, the next iteration of the world’s second-most-popular browser just after Internet Explorer. The new Firefox provides the usual under-the-hood tweaks such as improved security and better page rendering. Moreover, it supports WebM, Google’s new open video standard project. However, Firefox 4 supplies a refreshed layout and appearance. Let’s discover the most striking features of this latest version of Firefox as follows:


The welcome page of Firefox 4.0 Beta


Firefox 4 beta supports more HTML 5 capabilities including the ability to display CSS Transitions like a Web page background from white to black


With the trial version, Mozilla supports the Feedback function


The download interface introduces Firefox 4.0 Beta on the whole


The extension of add-ons has the own management page which can be opened conveniently and fast


When a website was loaded, the dark circle signs that the loading time nearly ends up


The tab can be altered up and down the address, and the yellow button is the menu


The bookmarks menu has moved to a new bookmarks button on the upper right



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