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Its vibrant and pulsating nightlife attracts singers and entertainers from all across the world. Popular dance groups from Europe and America routinely cover the Dubai circuit as do ballet companies and theatre groups. Cultural shows, theatre plays, song and dance performances open to packed houses on weekends making the city a magnet for culture buffs.

Offering the best of food and entertainment, Dubai‘s watering holes are virtually the second home to party animals who love to revel in the lively ambience of these places. On your next holiday to Dubai do visit the African Star Club, a place where you can rock to the beat of African drums and savour delicious Ethiopian food. For more excitement, head to the Mayfair hotel where you can find the Sundowner, a great place to relax, unwind and play videogames. You can even try your hand at pool or test your voice at the karaoke machine. Head to the Garage Club and discotheque if you want to jive and rock to the beats of some exciting music.

Golfing enthusiasts should make a trip to the 19th hole of the Hyatt Regency’s Golf Park that has a bar dedicated exclusively to patrons of this classy sport. If you really want to explore Dubai‘s cultural landscape then you should visit a few of its museums. Make a trip to the Heritage and Diving village that not only hosts a craft fair but also offers fascinating glimpses into the city’s medieval past. Visit the Sharjah Islamic museum that offers interesting insights into Islamic ideology where you will get a holistic view of Islam a religion misunderstood by many.

To understand contemporary Dubai history, check out the H.H Sheikh Saeed House that served as the seat of the government during the 20th century. Before you conclude your Dubai holidays, do visit the Narish Khyam, a museum that offers visitors a glimpse into Dubai‘s unique boat culture. It’s not easy to gain an in-depth understanding of Dubai‘s cultural landscape in one trip. You need to visit this Emirate again and again to understand the finer details of its unique Bedouin culture.

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