Formatting a Laptop without a CD-ROM Player

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Formatting the hard drive is one easy way of refreshing your computer if you wish to start over your computer and eliminate several programs in it. If your laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive, you can still go on with the process by having an installed floppy disk. It is now likely to format the laptop by just using the Windows DOS commands and an empty floppy disk. As soon as you are able to format the hard drive, you can begin with a new and improved operating system.

To do this, you will have to put in the floppy disk into the drive. After that, you click the Start menu and press run. In the text box, you should type “cmd” and press the Enter button. Once you do this, the DOS command prompt will open. Then into the command prompt, you should enter the code “format a: /q/s”. This command will arrange the diskette and will duplicate system files to it. The system files contain the format function. The next step is to press the Start button and choose the Shut down icon. Among the options presented, click the word reboot. Prior to rebooting the computer, you should ensure that the diskette is still in the drive. After the computer reboots, you will have to type a code again which is “format c: /q” into the DOS prompt. This command will remove all the data from the drive C. Finally, the process begins by typing Y into the confirmation screen. Before the DOS deletes all the files and formats the drive, it will ask you first for a confirmation. The procedure may take a few minutes depending on the size of the drive.

Formatting with a CD-ROM player may take awhile. However, it can help improve the performance on machines that are slow due to malicious software. So try to search more about discount laptop.


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