How to Deal with Insomnia

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How to Deal with Insomnia


Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders; almost everyone has had the experience of insomnia. With the development of society, the accelerated pace of life, the incidence of insomnia rate is also on the rise. According to statistics, about 30% of adults suffer from insomnia.


Cause insomnia may be caused by:


1. Mental stress is too large.

This is the most common cause. Many long-term insomnia is considered to be excessive and intense emotions with people who complain about the slightest discomfort that is very sensitive and difficult to relaxation; or thought-over, workers at the heart humble; or because of the intense psychological conflict too excited, excited.


2. Abuse of sleeping pills or stimulants.

Daily life is not regular, high-intensity mental work, too little physical activity. Office workers take the most susceptible to long-term insomnia.


3. Dietary factors.

Overeat before going to bed or hunger; bedtime drink tea, coffee or other drinks excitability.


4. Sleep environment factors. Sleeping in light, noise; bedroom temperature is too high or too low; blood-sucking insects of the harassment; uncomfortable beds, bedding; on the sleep environment such as natural disasters, lack of security fears, fear of ghosts and so on.


5. To sleep holding the incorrect attitude. Such as that must have 8 hours of sleep every night, when the amount of their own lack of sleep, they worry that not enough sleep, too little sleep for fear of his body, causing mental stress, more sleep, so a vicious cycle.


6. The so-called last long time insomnia is sleep disorder. Not refer to mental stress because of the temporary stimulation could not sleep, nor is that many internal diseases caused by insomnia, such as chronic pain, high fever may make it difficult to sleep; respiratory tract infection, cough, make people wake up frequently, some acute infectious diseases such as Huntington and bulbar polio often accompanied by insomnia.


7. Insomnia is not terrible, afraid of psychological burden. Optimistic attitude towards life, many of the worlds cannot force things. But sometimes it is easier said than done. To sleep and eat, as not everyone is as appetite, sleep the same time, each person is different, as long as you do not have a sense of the serious lack of sleep, even if you sleep 5 hours a day, is normal, no need to worry about lack of sleep. Several consecutive poor sleep at night need not worry, you can let things slide, fatigue was always sleep good. Is not anyone’s sleeping every stone, not necessarily as good sleep every night.


If possible, sleep as much per day, 5-6 hours of sleep a day may not have fatigue, sleep time is not the same every day, to sleep longer, but also still have fatigue.

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