How To Easily Make Any Girl Give You Her Phone Number? Mind Blowing Secrets Finally Revealed

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Okay, so you have been eyeing this girl for a couple of months now, but are afraid to ask her directly for her number, so what do you do? You do not know? Well, thank goodness you are reading this article because waiting for her number to fall from the heavens is not going to happen. Here exemplified are tactics that you can do to end your misery. Check them out.

The Direct Approach – Most people say that this approach is the most effective. Go directly to the girl and tell her that you think she is interesting and that you want to be her friend.

Asks a Friend – You can ask for her number in case you have a common friend. If not, then know who her friends are and try to get acquainted with them.

Exchange Numbers – List your number on a piece of paper then give it to her. You could tell her that she is a very interesting person and that you would really want to know more about her, and ask her if she could give you a buzz. Right there and then she just might list down her own number for you as well.

The Decoy – Let us say that you are already friends with her, but not that close. Start by asking her typical questions like the things she likes, what CDs she listen to, who’s her favorite actor and the like, all the while keeping constant eye contact, then right before you end you Q&A session with her, pop the question!

Look for Signs – What if she also has a thing for you and is just to shy to make the first move? There is always that possibility, right? Look for these sign in her body language like a wanting laugh, a blush or a flirty smile.

Avoid being Overconfident – Demanding for her full attention and being forceful will only cause her to turn away from you. Show her your worth and she just might give it to you.

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