How To Get A Girl To Like You Real Fast – Here Is How To Be The Guy Girls Want To Be With

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Do you have this big crush on someone but don’t know how to get to first base? You’ve been dreaming about her, wishing one day she’ll throw a stare at you or even smile. You cross paths everyday but no matter how cute your face is, or how good you smell, or how you put your silk shirts on and jewelry looking real Miami, nothing seems to work.

For most women, it isn’t the good looks and riches that get their attention and drive them crazy. It’s the mystery some men leave behind that makes them want for more. Want to know their secret? Here are three tips that would surely skyrocket you from rock bottom, all the way to her A1 list.

Act like you don’t care. She walks on the hallway, and every bloke in that place follows her with their eyes until their necks almost break. She knows that. She gets it everyday and it’s becoming an ego-feeder for her. But that doesn’t impress her. It will soon become a normal thing for her. Scramble her thoughts.

Get her attention by not giving her the attention she expects to get from you. Act like you don’t care and it will leave her thinking and asking herself why. And later on, it will be your game she’s playing. Just be careful not to overdo it and give her the impression that you’re gay.

Make her laugh. Nothing’s more enjoyable for a woman than to be with a lively guy with a sense of humor. Women hate being with quiet, boring men pretending to be serious with life and all that. They love to laugh and have fun all the time. Make the girl of your dreams laugh every opportunity you get, and soon enough, when you least expect it, you’ll realize she’s head over heels for you.

Listen to what she has to say. This is very important for most women because they are by nature, all about details. So when she speaks of something, LISTEN. Sometimes they put you to the test by saying something that would seem to be of less importance and see if you were really listening, like the color and make of the sweater she saw at the mall.

And one day, she’ll ask you again about it. And when you tell her that you can’t remember, that will be all she wrote for you and your fantasy. So take time to listen and listen very carefully.

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