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Notepads are functional print materials. That is why notepads are used as giveaways during events because of its utilitarian quality. Anyone can make use of notepads. At work, notepads are useful during meetings, presentations, and seminars as you can write down notes on these. At school, these can also be used by students for their to-do-lists. Aside from class assignments, they may have to do extra-curricular activities. Children can also find use in notepads for writing, doodling, and sketching activities. As you know, kids would love to express themselves through these small activities, even if that means writing on the walls or on their textbooks. If you are looking for a functional material that you can distribute during your next get-together or even a children’s party, you can make use of notepads. Notepads, moreover, can be created on your own. Yes, there are a lot of notepads being sold at school supplies store or gift shops, but that takes away the fun of creating, right? At home, with the help of your friends or children, you can create notepads for giveaways.

Here are the how-to guidelines on making notepads:

– Prepare the paper stock you will use as well as the other materials: cardboard for front and back covers, adhesive, cutter or scissors, and clamp or two bulky books. Also, open your personal computer which should be connected to your inkjet printer.

– Set the measurement for your notepads. With the design software, plot the pages of your notepads. Bear in mind that one paper may contain up to six notepads pages, depending on the size you have set. computer how many paper you will need.

– on the notepad pages, include design elements to enhance its appearance. you may want to put texts or images on the notepads. you may Also want to put a background image as well as lines for writing. Just make sure that all the designs are cohesive.

– If you are finished With the design templates for your notepad pages, print test pages. that is to make sure that the designs are great on paper. you may Also have to spot errors, however minute, especially If you included texts on the designs.

– Once you are satisfied with the design templates and how the notepad pages look on print, print all of them. If you are going to distribute notepads to 20 or more, that would require printing hundreds of notepad pages.

– Cut your notepad pages using a cutter or a pair of scissors. make sure that the edges are even and that they are all of equal length and width. Stack the pages you need for one notepad. Stack the other pages until you have prepared for all the notepads you need.

– Get your cardboard and Cut it according to the size of your notepad pages. Allot for both front and back covers. you may want to include designs on your front and back covers to make it more visually appealing.

– Sandwich your notepad pages between your front and back covers. make sure that the edges are straight. put adhesive on one side. Let it dry before you apply the second coating.

Viola, you have made your first notepad! See, making notepads can be easy. It is a creative activity which can also serve as a bonding moment between you and your friends, family members, and children.

Steve J. Perkins is a specialist of brochure printing and is also a graphic designer. He is dedicated in the printing industry and continues to support the developments in the field to help out companies in their business marketing and advertising needs.

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