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Maintain the indoor air moist very common, however, humidifier, if used improperly, then, is likely to become a tool for the spread of disease.

Humidity-induced respiratory disease too

Lele is a only 3 years old little girl, winter, her voice occasionally appears, “scream”, the doctor diagnosed it as “mild asthma,” which, unable to find the cause of disease parents only under a doctor’s advise that the Lele of asthma and may have a humidifier at home using a direct link.

“Surprise, humidifier can Jinong sick man.” Lele’s mother, Ms. Lee herself to say. “Humidifier improper use can really make people sick.” To the doctor’s Xu Dafu Lele said humidifier used improperly, not only can cause mild asthma, but can also cause other diseases. In recent years, there is a new disease called “humidifier pneumonia” is used improperly by the humidifier to blame. Some families use the humidifier, open 24 hours nonstop. Air enters the body of harmful micro-organisms of respiratory tract, resistance to the weak people will have contracted pneumonia humidifier.

“Dry climate in winter, use humidifiers to keep the air moist, humid air, but also have a certain standard, high humidity, but on prejudice.” Experts say the most appropriate body in winter relative humidity is 40 ? 60 degrees Celsius, too dry or too wet is not appropriate. Once the air humidity below 20%, the indoor respirable particulate matter increased, then people are likely to suffer from cold. In general, the air humidity was 55%, the bacteria more difficult to spread, but if the air humidity is too high, if more than 90%, will human respiratory system and mucous membranes of discomfort, decreased immunity, the elderly are particularly vulnerable, will induced the elderly suffering from influenza, asthma, bronchitis and other illnesses.

Using lower incidence of disease

“Do not blindly use the humidifier use, clever use can become more comfortable at home.” Experts say the use of humidifiers, the best equipped with wet and dry bulb thermometer, at any time to monitor indoor humidity, to control humidifier turned on, to achieve better the results. At the same time, you can also add special disinfectant tank to block influenza virus, intrusion and other lung words; also Duiru special perfume to make the home even more fresh air and romantic. If Duiru special syrup, it can prevent the breeding of bacteria, a health infirmary space.

In addition, use of humidifier should pay attention to timely winter windows open for ventilation. While maintaining indoor sanitation, in particular, to reduce the amount of respirable dust. The humidifier must be cleaned regularly to prevent the breeding of its internal pathogenic micro-organisms, but also can improve the electrical efficiency, long life.

Expert concluded by emphasizing that some arthritis, diabetes should be used with caution in patients with air humidifier. Because the humid air will increase the condition of these patients. If these patients do need to use the humidifier should be discussed with the communication specialists to determine the proper humidity to stabilize the primary disease condition. In addition, water can not be added directly to the humidifier. Because tap water contains many minerals, it will damage the evaporator humidifiers. If tap water hardness, water mist humidifier in the exhaust contains calcium and magnesium ions for the pollution of indoor air. Also according to the weather conditions and adjust their indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity humidifiers. Just keep in the appropriate range, can reduce the incidence of the disease.

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