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Every individual has an important concern, financial security. It is this concern that prompts him/her to think of the ways to protect assets. Planning asset protection is, however, a specialized task. You need to get help from a competent legal professional to accomplish this task.

Here are the frequently asked questions, and answers, regarding the protection of your personal and professional assets in the US.

Who requires this type of protection? Whether you get a decent paycheck at the end of the month or you have millions stashed away in your bank, you require protecting it. Asset protection is important for all who wish to ascertain their financial security for the present and future.

Which assets are within the scope of protection? Almost all assets come within this scope. You may choose to protect real estate property, cash, bank accounts, investments, stocks and bonds, jewelry, and such others.

What situations may initiate access and seizure of property? Numerous incidents may initiate this action. Suppose you were involved in an accident where you were held liable. In case your insurance coverage is unable to meet up to the compensation claim, the court can order seizure of your property to recover damages.

Professionals are more at risk here. If you were accused of a negligence amounting to malpractice and the damage recovery is more than your insurance coverage, it is possible for you to lose your assets to provide the compensation. Asset protection planning aims at getting your property in the exempt property segment to safeguard it.

When is it suitable to plan this? Timing is very important in this regard. If you plan the protection after the initiation of the lawsuit proceeding to access and seize it, it is of no worth. You need to understand that asset protection offers you a chance to safeguard the property from future liability lawsuits. It is not a way to defraud creditors off their dues.

What strategies are available? Different strategies are put into use to come up with a perfect plan for protection. However, there is a thin line between the legal and the illegal means. This is why you require help from financial and legal experts to determine suitable strategies. Here are a few examples.

1. Formation of a trust – you can create a trust and keep your assets in it. In case of a revocable trust, you can act as the trustee and manage the assets. If it is an irrevocable one, certain states also permit you to become a beneficiary.

2. Formation of a domestic or offshore corporation – this helps in keeping your personal property away from liability claims. The assets belong to the corporation and no lawsuit against you can access and seize these to recover damages.

A regular contributor to journals, David Johnson offers practical tips on formulating financial strategies. If you wish to know more about how to plan Asset Protection, he suggests you to check the information available from

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