Looking For Winter Activity Holidays – South Tyrol Can Be A Good Place To Visit

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Snow, South Tyrol and sports are three inseparable words. The love for snow in people never seems to die out. Whether its viewing the wide stretch of the white sheet or indulging in activity sports, snow always tends to give you an adrenaline rush in one way or the other. The best time to benefit from the snow is winter season. In most of the countries winter is a favorable time to come up for air and get away from the gloomy feeling of day-to-day routine. People looking ahead for winter activity holidays must think about visiting South Tyrol as this place never runs out of snow and hence is a good spot for winter vacation.

South Tyrol is a small province in Italy which is bordered by the snowy and craggy peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites. During winter the snow thickness increases to a great extent and thus acts as a wonderful platform for hikers, bikers and snow surfers. The trails along the snowy slopes of South Tyrol offers incredible views of the valleys characterized by sparkling pastures and rich green meadows. The beautiful South Tyrolean valleys are outstanding features which enhance the beauty of the place. These valleys are overlooked by the dramatic mountains of the Dolomites and have merged cultures of the Germans and Italians.

South Tyrol is a great place to start off with your adventure activity holidays. The plateaus provide ample space and its sophisticated skiing and snowboarding facilities running all the way down to the sunny valleys is a real treat for ski lovers. The best aspect for skiers is that even if you are new to skiing you need not be afraid as the skiing areas are laid with instructors who guide you through the routes and help you get started on your venture. As for the experienced riders, they primarily look forward to improve their technical skills. Apart from skiing, there are other adventurous winter activities like snowboarding, snow shoeing and sledging. Any of these activities can be carried out with ease as South Tyrol has the perfect base meant specifically for snow sports.

All in all South Tyrol is fit for the sort of adventure holiday you want to have with your family and is worth visiting if you are looking forward to have a happening adventure active holiday. Its thrilling and exciting. Most important of all the common skiing areas are equipped with safety measures so that you can enjoy your winter active holidays to the maximum.

ProAlps promotes adventure activity holidays and hotels in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We also organize activities for you like winter activity holidays, river water rafting, mountain biking and many more for your adventure active holidays.
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