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Modernism in interior design originated in the 1930s in Germany and Scandinavia. But it’s still a favorite style today for many people when it comes to home decor. Modern interior design has certain distinct features that make it immediately recognizable. These include emphasizing shapes and line, using black and white, stark lighting, and lots of chrome details. The final result presents an elegant look amid uncluttered rooms. It’s often a design choice for contemporary homes and lofts.

Seamless lines are created with smooth, polished surfaces, so it’s important to preserve this quality throughout the entire area. Flooring is typically light colored tile or wood, with a minimal number of area rugs covering it. Careful placement of such rugs is effective for visually dividing larger rooms into smaller areas for separate purposes like entertaining or dining.

You should choose furniture that’s simple yet bold, and all in the same color. Each piece should look like it was selected deliberately, not as an afterthought. The larger items should be neutral in color, but you can add splashes of color with cushions and small decorative items. In fact, using unrelieved neutral colors will have your eyes endless roaming about the room in search of a break in the pattern. A minimum of two bold colors are required to provide contrast to the neutrals and add depth to the room. Choose fabrics in geometric patterns and avoid complicated designs. Animal prints, however, are an exception to this rule.

All the accessories in the room should feature chrome, including lamps, switch plates and door handles. Chrome is an accent and should be used judiciously. But materials such as glass, metal and stone can be used more freely. These pieces provide a secondary texture to the room that complements rather than overwhelms the smoothness of the main items.

Large windows that allow in plenty of natural light are a typical feature of the modern style. However, there is also lots of supplementary lighting used in the form of gallery lighting which draws the eye to the focal points in a room. Insufficient light will create a look that is intimidating rather than angular.

Use your common sense when designing a room in a modern style. It’s completely possible that you’ll end up creating a space that’s merely cold and barren rather than sleek and sophisticated. For example, too much open area makes the purpose of the room unclear. Exposed beams and pipes are often featured in modern interior design, but these need to be kept to a minimum if you don’t want your house to look like a warehouse. If they’re protruding into the living areas, you’ve gone too far. And allowing clutter to accumulate will ruin a well-designed arrangement and take away from the minimalist statement you’re attempting to make.

Everyone wants their home to look its best, and some good interior design ideas can help you make that a reality. But you have to make sure you do your homework before you get started. Visit the DIY Home Improvement site for the best tips and guidelines for your interior design and home improvement projects.

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