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Many people think that they are too busy to eat right. It is just easier to grab a hamburger and fries at the drive through or throw a frozen pizza in the oven than to take the time to plan a healthy meal. While some healthy meals do take a long time to plan, shop for, and cook, you can eat healthy even if you are facing a time crunch with these tips.

First, stock your pantry with healthy “quick” foods, like apples and other fresh fruit, protein bars, carrot sticks, and nuts. These are just as easy to eat on the go as a cookie or chips. If you have them on hand and remove the unhealthy “quick” foods, you will be forced to make the healthy choice.

Always carry a healthy snack with you. We make our poor food choices when we are hungry and out enjoying our day. Having a snack available will keep you on track, even if hunger strikes before you get home.

Make healthy meals ahead if possible. The weekdays get busy with school, work, kids, and appointments. If you can make a couple of meals on the weekend and freeze them, all you will need to do to have something warm and nutritious for your family is pull it out of the freezer and pop it in a warm oven. If you are making something like a casserole that can be easily doubled, make two versions, one to eat this week, and one to freeze for a while.

Make a menu at the beginning of the week. Sometimes we fail to eat healthily because we have nothing planned. Do your shopping all at once, and then you will have a well stocked pantry that is ready to serve your family.

Choose healthy convenience foods. Low-fat canned soups, healthy frozen dinners, and sandwich fixings can all be turned into a healthy meal in a pinch. Having these things on hand will help you avoid the temptation to grab something on the way home or order a pizza, because you have something available even if you forgot to make meal preparations.

Finally, pack a lunch from home, and do it the night before to avoid adding another step to your busy morning. To make this really easy, scoop the leftovers from your dinner directly into a container you can take to work. Then all you need to do is throw it in a bag and you are ready for work. Skipping the fast food lane at lunchtime will save you thousands of calories each year, and eating those leftovers means there will be less to throw out when you clean out the fridge on garbage day! By planning ahead and being prepared with healthy meals and snacks, you can eat a nutritious diet, even if you are very busy.

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