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Modern Interior Design Both high artistic requirements, design elements involved in another high -tech , and with a number of emerging disciplines , such as: ergonomics , environmental psychology, environment and physics very close relationship . Modern interior design has been Office Design To develop as an independent new study.
There is an example: at Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station, the Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong Design Institute), advertised by the famous French Interior Design Architectural designs, but this building , ” Rolls-Royce class ” after the opening of the new school campus , was ridiculed design window dressing ” stupid ” , especially in the 8th floor of the “V -shaped block road pillar , ” it allows students to reflect on the essence of design , ” The most critical line from the school of practical use, not you agree have a pretty word . ” Hong Kong to know specifically block V- 8 floor, road pillar , has recently become well-known school ” funny version of a landmark , ” third-year student advertising investment in his firm and the A Dick says with a laugh : “V -shaped pillars must be turned into tourist hotspot Attract large numbers of students taking Li appreciation day activity photograph . ” A pillar which Dick refers to obstruction , ” the road narrow enough friends , have buried a V frame is more narrow , fat people do not know how too . ” According to journalists on-site observations, known all over the distribution of different post- school support columns , the majority will not hinder the passage , but an 8- floor classroom of the channel leading to the D827 , there are V- pillars out of the way , students need to ” step threshold Off ” or sideways to get through , some students complain about the Internet : “A lot of channels have a busy two busy then GOD column , a hit at any time Do not pay attention to hit feet first . ” VTC spokesman said , the V -shaped columns are the main Support column , can not be removed , but also that students can choose the other path leading to the classroom .
To interior design Understanding of the meaning , and its relationship with the architectural design , from different perspectives, different emphasis to analysis, many scholars have a lot of insightful and worthy of our careful consideration and reference point , for example: that the office decoration ” Is a continuation and deepening of architectural design , interior space and the environment is a re-creation . ” That the interior is ” building the soul of the people and the environment , which are a combination of human art and material civilization . “

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