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July 14, Shaanxi Governor Yuan Chunqing lead the Shaanxi provincial authorities, to visit some enterprises to understand the environmental protection industry development. He stressed the need to do a good job planning, intensify support to the emerging green industries, causes to fight rising industry a pillar industry of our province, to form a sound and rapid economic development of the province an important support. Mayor of Xi’an Chen Baogen accompanied the expedition.

Chunqing party first went to Xi’an West Mine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.. This is a professional manufacturer of large industrial Dust removal equipment Businesses, products widely used in Steel , Cement, electricity, etc., and exported to Japan, Denmark, India, more than 20 countries and regions, and enterprises rapid growth, a profit of 6 months has reached the level of last year. After hearing the briefing, Yuan Chunqing said, the West Mine is an old enterprise, reform and development, to focus on technological innovation, brought out a new life. I hope you will further increase research and development equipment, improve product quality, reduce production costs, focusing on back-end services, and further to do a large scale.

Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd in China, corporate executives reported their development of gas purification, flue gas dust removal and desulfurization, denitrification, etc. Environmental protection equipment Situation. Yuan Chunqing pointed out, green, environmental protection, cleaner production is the trend of environmental protection industry is restructuring key support in the development of the industry, heavy-duty hospital to play strong in scientific research, integration ability, and strengthen key technologies, key equipment, integration of the party advantage, speeding up the industrialization of the promotion, to walk in the forefront of environmental protection industries. Hope to see more products in the Shaanxi facilities, equipment landed in Shaanxi.

In Yanliang Waste of resources Processing plant, the plant is running almost no smell from the sewage Water Department Plastic waste management to the use of fertilizer from organic matter be turned to the inorganic particles made of bricks, Yuan Chunqing see the entire process, asked in detail about technical principles, production costs and heavy metal recovery and other issues. See all use the basic garbage, he said happily, this is really the cause of turning waste into wealth. Reflected in the technical enterprise promotion, he immediately asked the Office of Provincial environmental organizations, science and technology specialized research for the wider application of this technology to create the conditions.

Shaanxi drum group based needs of the development of environmental protection, the introduction of their advantages for industrialization of patented technologies, the establishment of a wastewater treatment research center. Yuan Chunqing check the equipment operation and demonstration bases in the hope that enterprises to further reduce production costs, speed up the pace of technology promotion.

Afternoon, Yuan Chunqing held a forum to listen to business development and environmental development of the province’s views and recommendations of the environmental protection industry, and on-site coordination to solve the problem. Lan Wan Environment Engineering Company, China Jiangsu Metallurgical Chemical Equipment Company, Jie khot Industry and Trade Corporation, Hui environmental company, Chevalier biotechnology companies and other enterprises responsible for strengthening the environmental protection industry support, to support development of leading enterprises, the establishment of the environmental protection industry and other special funds made comments and suggestions. For companies and Yanliang Chevalier Waste disposal Further problems and big plant on the demonstration of engineering support to strengthen the proposal, Yuan Chunqing instructed relevant departments to support specialized research.

Yuan Chunqing pointed out that the environmental protection industry meet the direction of scientific development, the basis of better environmental protection industry in our province, many enterprises with advanced concepts and leading-edge technology in some areas, which not only reflects the good prospects for environmental protection industry, but also strengthened our confidence in the further development of the environmental protection industry. He stressed the need to truly change, to reduce production, cleaner production and life saving, clean production and living of life throughout the entire process. Urban Environmental Management from the shift to focus more attention to clean, low consumption both production and environmental management; economic development as the basic point of circular economy should accelerate the development of environmental protection industry, and promote structural adjustment and development in transition. In the development of new industries, who recognize early, act quickly, with advanced technology will come to share opportunities. We must put environmental industry as a key task of economic work, to the provincial government has established 12 industrial planning, based on the environmental protection industry development plan to develop a clear scientific and technological, industrial development, the focus of policy support and relevant supporting policies ; to rapid technological progress under the environmental protection industry, the practical, encourage enterprises to always focus on technology and product innovation, the fight has the initiative, funds discount through the first (set) incentive policy measures to support the environmental protection industry; We should develop the environmental protection industry and 100 key industrial parks combined, relying on large groups and big enterprises to build the environmental protection industry park, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters. For government-supported enterprises, we should strive to use the social and market capitalization at a fast pace. I believe there is policy support, scientific and business planning efforts, environmental protection industry will become a new pillar industry in our province.

Provincial government is the Secretary-General Qin and environmental protection, development and reform, science, technology, finance, work letters, construction, housing and provincial departments who participated in the study.

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