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Although many festivals are celebrated in Australia throughout the year but International Festival of Arts at Perth has its own uniqueness for being the oldest arts festival of the country. The event was incepted in 1953 by the University of West Australia. Being the host city of this festival Perth transforms itself into a colorful city full of s smiles. It creates many opportunities for the jobs and more business for the existing ones. The entire festival is celebrated for almost 27 days. Visitors taking flights to Perth like to come to the city and join this show in addition to visiting its attractive place and meeting welcoming Australian people. The coming Perth International Arts Festival will be celebrated from 11th February to 7thh March 2011. It is expected that it will bring a whole new raft of international acts to Pert.

In addition to regular components an extensive selection of dance, music and visual arts programs will be presented to please audiences. Current years event was attended by 330,000 audiences comprising of locals and flights to perth takers. It is estimate that coming event will be attended by some 13.8 million audiences. Along with many performances the show will include will include 12 theatre productions, two world premieres and four Australian premieres that will give the audiences a chance to view some best work from around the world. One must take cheap flights to Perth because it is the only stage to experience so many enriching events at one time. Perth International Arts Festival is the only plat form that encourages artists at such huge grounds.

2008s arts festival was directed by Shelagh Magadza’s ad the upcoming event will also be directed by her. The stunning display of visual and audio artistry does not let the concentration of audiences get loosed. Cheap Perth flights every year see a big increase during the days of the event every year. It is estimated that this years event will result in the sale of 190,000 tickets. To avoid any inconvenience its better to book your ticket in advance. Because its such a popular festival that almost all of the seats to watch the shoe are sold in advance. The only way then left behind is to attend the free out door events that offer free entertainment. Visitors reserve their Perth flights from UK and different parts of world to make big savings on their bookings. No doubt it will be a memorable event as usual.

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