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Arabian Ranches calls out to everyone, who is tired of the sophistication of the urban life style, as it offers a life of sheer luxury and comfort in the beauty of desert. It is a fascinating journey to explore and indulge in this desert paradise, designed as a classical breakout from fast city life, for you and your family. It is very difficult to find a spacious freehold residence in Dubai these days, and even harder is to find a property that is part of an evolving neighborhood and not too costly as well. Luckily, Emaar properties of the UAE came up with another admirable and attractive project, Arabian Ranches, a freehold community consisting of town homes and villas. Arabian Ranches Dubai is just a few minutes drive from Emirates mall, several luxurious hotels, Beach, and is next to the Emirates road. The consistent performance of the economy and a comparatively high number of tourists increases the demand of real estate and property in Dubai. Also the availability of mortgage facility has had a positive impact on the market, creating greater demand. As Dubai regains its position as a world class property market, investors are queuing in, along with the people who believe that dubai marina property and similar properties offer an exceptional living experience. It is extensively admitted that as this changeover arises the resale value of property in the Dubai property market will grow. Living in Dubai Marina, nonetheless, is not different in any way, form living in any metropolitan city of Europe or any advance country. It is district located in the center of Dubai, consisting of more than 190 multistoried buildings and skyscrapers. Everything that a modern life requires is offered in Dubai Marina, a prestigious museum, a beautiful park, and wonderful view from the balcony. After rentals and prices having declined due to competition, Dubai Marina has now become more affordable. In dubai property market there are many places to invest in and Dubai Marina certainly worths it. The other better properties available as stated in December 2010 survey are Jumeriah Beach Residence, Mirdiff, Discovery Gardens, The Greens, and International City. Mentioned properties are the most liked and popular properties among the investors, If you are looking to become a part of this heaven in the desert, you can count on the professional and unmatched services of several real estate companies of Dubai to bring the right property for you at your doorstep.

Mark Castellino is a seasoned traveler, educator and freelance writer. Fluent in many languages, he spends his time in Dubai working at Dubai Media City. Mark often comments about life in Dubai especially with regard to Dubai property and Dubai real estate. He loves pets and children.

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