Qingdao Radio Research Institute: The Future Market Demand, Business Success

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by xorms

?? Visit to Qingdao, Wang Ning, director of Radio and Television Research Institute

Editor’s Note: Qingdao Radio Research Institute was established in 1990, are going through quite a long time, our investment in Qingdao, a radio and television bureau enterprises, mainly engaged in radio and television industry, equipment or research and development, manufacturing, and to radio and television provide some of the services industry, do about so many years, has been formed about four series, more than 30 kinds of main products cover or in radio and television-based, in addition, there are other areas of the core technology to do the expansion, for example, the clock, rail transportation Ye Hao, including the central administration building the experimental system … …

Qingdao Wang Ning, director of Radio and Television Research Institute

HC Network: Qingdao Radio Research Institute for the main display of the new clock system, which improved the product this year?

Ning: Every year, some improvements this year, product technology in several traditional family based on the fundamental market and customer needs to do the upgrade for each product.

HC network: your company’s product specific areas in which to do the upgrade?

Ning: Such as clock system, the major studios are now on the appearance of the product have certain requirements, so we do a lot of design work. Show clock system vendors do have, but the appearance of side effects with our products have a gap. And our clock system on the studio, the lighting does not produce reflective, such products on the effect of the studio is very good.

HC network: how kind of market demand now?

Ning: Our flagship product on the market are quite good. We developed a clock radio and television industry in the application of majority. In addition to clock system in some applications in transportation, the subway line, but this clock system with radio and television industry applications are very different, this time showing us the product mainly for radio and television systems. There is the countdown card, the Badaling Great Wall, we have such products above. In addition to these products, we have specially designed according to different needs of research and development.

HC Network: Customers like you say I made my request, you will do in accordance with the requirements?

Ning: Yes, this area accounted for an increasing proportion, though both clock system, and even different stations, different studio, different customers have a lot of specific requirements, such as individual needs or many times is a challenge. This also gives us a lot of inconvenience, our products can not form a large mass, but the R & D personnel in the production of (laughs) R & D personnel directly involved in the production of a very specific practice. This exhibition, we talked with a co-Matsushita, Panasonic in Southeast Asia want to do a lot of video broadcast system, part of which is to use the clock system to replace our previous native of Japan with the equipment, because our prices have a very big advantage, but technically they can meet the requirements.

HC Network: Our clock system has great advantages in price, there are those other advantages?

Ning: Although our products relatively cheaper, but we decided not blind bargain, do not just through price competition. We need technology to ensure a reasonable budget based on, to ensure product quality is first!

HC Network: Please brief us Qingdao Radio Research Institute!

Ning: Qingdao Radio Research Institute is established in 1990, are going through quite a long time. We are Qingdao, a radio and television bureau investment business, primarily engaged in radio and television industry, equipment research and development, manufacturing and related to the broadcast television industry to provide some services, it was now about 4 series, 30 kinds of main products cover or to the main radio and television. In addition, with its own core technologies to do to expand to other areas, such as clock system, rail transportation, including the central administration building experimental system, as well as the airport display systems subtitles.

HC network: your company’s R & D team how many people?

Ning: Our R & D about 20 individuals, representing almost all the workers 1 / 3, R & D team is very large, they are accompanied by a lot of research and development production the entire process, including the resolution of some non-standard products, and basic products add some extensions.

HC Network: 2007, Qingdao, all radio and television research and what plan?

Ning: In 2007, we focused on market demand, to fully understand our customers think within the next few years, all aspects of radio and television what kind of new requirements, demand-driven research and development of products compatible.

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