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He only earns his living because of his ability to see Cheyenne through the eyes of a physician.This has even given him a beautiful office which has a gorgeous view. He works at the Cheyenne medical center as the vice president for physician networking and services.

But you could think of him as a recruiter. He brings prospective doctors to Cheyenne, shows them around and gets them in touch with people.

The incentives put together by him for those who decide to move here comes to about $ 75000. CRMC has had to come up with this kind of a plan in order to make sure that each private clinic in Cheyenne is well staffed. As an illustration you will be able to notice the dermatologist who was paid a huge incentive plan though he is still yet to complete his residency in the state of Colorado.

A big help of $ 90000 is given to him as something that he can pay off his student loan with which will generally range from $ 150,000 to $ 200,000. From the beginning of 2011, these doctors will have to commit to working and living here in Cheyenne to be able to get these facilities. If he leaves with, say, 12 months remaining on the agreement, he would owe CRMC an amount of $ 30,000.

The four incentive packages that were approved were the doings of the last meeting. Over the past three years, it has awarded 50.

There is absolutely no sign of the doctors wanting to come to Cheyenne on their own. There are comparatively fewer medical graduates each year and that is not helping the ever growing population.

CRMC is allowed to spend only a limited amount on doctors. Market value is what will decide the amount.

There are a few cities which can afford a fat pay check and doctors are attracted to that. It is very important to have a good variety of shopping, restaurants and recreation to encourage the doctors to stay in Cheyenne.

About 60-80 hours of work is put in by doctors every week. Their children should not be feel left alone is what they feel. Doctors cannot go spending their time in driving long distances.

Most of the doctors who are willing to shift to Wyoming are those who have a family already.To entice them further he shows them around the advantages of bringing the family along. The traffic is very clear in Cheyenne which everyone loves about it.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, doctors can use the money to pay down student debt, for moving expenses, or to make a down payment on a house. Approving the package is in the hands of the Countycommission. The thriving numbers of the baby boomer population don’t seem to get any help from the dwindling number of doctors in Wyoming.

When nationally surveyed it was found that only 2.81 physicians for every 1000 people. Laramie County, according to Wyoming Department of Health does not even match the general average and comes up to 2.33/1000

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