Shenzhen, Introduced The Program Of Work To Create The National “eco

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To September 2006 before the Shenzhen will be the first country to complete the creation of “ecological garden city” of the task. Today (2 November) by the “Government Gazette” published the “Shenzhen City, the creation of national” ecological garden city “work plan” for the first time raised the prospect that goal and describe a blueprint.

 Built-up area green coverage rate 45%

 Promotion of urban and regional development, to form a good Urban Ecological Environment, effective protection of the natural landscape, vegetation, water, wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas, increase public satisfaction with urban ecological environment.

 Great efforts to protect urban biodiversity, rich in biodiversity tend to combat against alien species, to ensure that native plants in urban areas index 0.7, the natural environment to survive in built-up areas of birds, fish and plants integrated Species index 0.5.

 Form a complete system of urban green space. Well built-up area green coverage, built-up area green coverage 45%; built-up area per capita public green 12m2; built Greenbelt rate 38%; into Regional Road Plaza, the proportion of land in the flooded area of 50%; launch the residential Planting trees and landscaping, no significant damage to the fruits of afforestation behavior.

 Forbidden fruit to strengthen marine protected species on steep slopes

 Continue to strengthen nature reserves, scenic spots protection, accelerate the construction of country parks, forest parks, ecological function, strengthen the protection of forest resources, especially to protect the provincial ecological forest landscape ecological forest construction to continue.

 Steep kinds of fruit forbidden fruit species and deforestation on the steep slope exceeds 25 °, fruit species act to strictly enforce the law, increase the retirement age to forestry efforts.

 Strengthen marine protection, protection of the marine fisheries resources, to carry out artificial reef building, strengthening coastal aquaculture, fish ponds, area management, coastal aquaculture to reduce pollution of the waters.

 Strengthen the quarry, earth borrowing market standard management, strengthen the bare mountains of control, increasing the quarry dust pollution control and supervise the closure and rehabilitation due quarry green.

 Heat island effect level 2.5

 Science in urban planning layout of the city tour and green building, so the city has good air circulation, to ensure that the heat island effect, Shenzhen level 2.5 .

 Strict implementation of the project environmental impact approval, annual vehicle emissions laws and regulations, integrated with strict control of emission sources, strongly promote clean energy, such as the implementation of project management tools and measures, strong control of industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, dust and catering and concentrations of exhaust emissions to ensure that the air pollution index is less than equal to 100 days 300 days / year.

 Urban sewage treatment rate 70%

 Overall planning, step by step, continues to improve water quality in Shenzhen City. Strive to water environment functional area water quality standards 100%.

 To ensure that water quality in integrated urban drainage pipe network 100% pass rate, 100% water coverage to achieve 24-hour water supply; ensure that urban sewage treatment rate of 70%, the implementation of water resources, technology application, recycled water use efficiency 30%.

 Noise control districts 95% coverage

 Comprehensive treatment of construction noise, traffic noise, industrial noise and social noise, noise pollution control, environmental noise control districts to ensure coverage of 95%.

 Roads and bridges designed to increase the noise reduction engineering to promote the use of low noise road surface materials, increase the noise reduction windows, acoustic barriers, promotion efforts, and for the establishment of green forest belts, thick forest background.


 Harmless treatment rate of 90%

 Overall planning, rational distribution and construction of the Shenzhen Municipal waste disposal facilities, garbage treatment increased the level, ensure that the Shenzhen municipal solid waste processing rate 90%.

 Development of agriculture and environmental protection and construction plan, strengthening of livestock, fertilizer, pesticide pollution control, reduction of agricultural non-point source pollution, to ensure the quality of agricultural products and soil environmental security.

 Transport facilities to ensure complete, efficient, stable, and to ensure efficient urban transport system is running, create a green traffic model city to carry out the activities, giving priority to the development of public transport policies, develop public transport, public transportation network optimization to improve bus share.

 Hot in summer and warm winter for Shenzhen, the characteristics of water scarcity, and vigorously promote energy conservation, water conservation technology, promote the use of low energy environmentally friendly construction materials.

 Complete park, culture, sports, entertainment and leisure facilities.

 Primary and secondary roads

 Average Speed 40km / h

 Improve water supply and drainage systems, power lines, gas supply system, communication of information, traffic systems, fire systems, medical and emergency rescue systems, and weather, earthquakes and other natural disasters, emergency response systems and other cities of various infrastructure facilities, to ensure the integrity of urban infrastructure systems rate 85%, no major infrastructure incidents.

 Improve urban public health facilities, achieve higher levels of pollution control, establishment of appropriate mechanisms for crisis management. Further improve and perfect the district, community health centers and community health service network, so that people can enjoy universal health care; strive million population in Shenzhen City, have 90 beds.

 Establish effective collaboration of various modes of transportation and coordinated development of integrated transport system, construction of urban roads “bottleneck” section of the transformation, effectively alleviate the difficulties in traveling, parking difficult problem. Major and minor roads towards the average speed 40km / h.

 Create “eco-garden city”

 Origin and Meaning

 September 23, 2004, at the Fifth China International Garden and Flower Expo’s inaugural ceremony, the Ministry of Construction Forum held in Shenzhen, nearly 100 representatives of the mayor or the mayor of Shenzhen co-sponsored and signed the “eco-garden city Shenzhen Declaration on Sustainable Development “, proposed the creation of national ecological garden city of the strategic objectives.

 Shenzhen to create “eco-garden city” target was based on the “Declaration” and raised. Concerned that creating a harmonious ecological garden city of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, an important way to benefit. The creation of eco-garden city, not only to further optimize Shenzhen living environment for the benefit of the general public; the same time, it is to continue to improve urban ecological environment, improve urban quality, optimize the development environment, and promote the coordinated development of economy and environment, and continuously improve the city comprehensive strength and competitiveness of great significance.

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