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During the winter, our homes require some kind of heating to keep the residents warm and to keep the house from turning into a refrigerator. The opposite is true, of course, during the summer, when we use air conditioning to battle the sweltering heat.

Wintertime can bring terrible weather with it, like blizzards, hail and heavy snowstorms. People begin to wrap up in the warmest clothes they can find, doing anything they can to warm up. The supply of oil for furnaces that depend on this kind of fuel can run a homeowner into the ground with the cost per year. Even breaking down the cost per month can be quite extravagant.

In cases where people cannot afford to rely on refilling their oil furnaces, there are a few choices to turn to. One very popular choice, if there is room in the home, is a wood stove. It requires a little more work but is well worth it, considering the delightful wood smell that will fill the home and the warm, dry heat that will fill each room.

There are radiator heaters that run along the floorboards, heating the rooms from the very ground up. This is often one of the most popular methods of heating because heat rises. When the heat is coming from the ground, it will rise through the room, therefore, warming the entire room from bottom to top.

For rooms that seem to have cold spots, or for drafty rooms due to old structures or damaged windows, the space heater was invented. These small units can be placed fairly close to the person who is chilly. They can be small enough to go under a computer desk and keep the toes warm at work.

These days, many homes come equipped with central air, which not only warms the air in the winter, it cools it in the summer. The unit works from the same devices and electronic components but the temperature is adjusted by the user depending on whether they need heat or cooling. Both are accomplished by the using the same wall mounted device.

It is not good to let an air conditioning unit go out of working order. Pipes can freeze, air units can become covered in solid sheets of ice; situations like these lead to dangerous situations because electricity is involved. Repairing them should be left to the professionals for the same reason. Electricity is very dangerous if someone does not know what they are dealing with. It can literally kill someone just from a jolt from a 220 line or even a simple 110.

Heating and air conditioning are a luxury and a necessity at the same time. They are highly desired and places where they are not provided are considered less than good living conditions. People interested in buying or renting a new home should always have this question on their list before deciding. It is also important to consider drafts and other such issues because when the warm or cool air just goes right out the door, it can cost extra money in electrical expenses.

Installing and servicing Heating Oakville units. Staying warm in the cold is our passion.

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