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A phrase that has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, and a concept that has been enthusiastically taken up by an increasing number of holidaymakers, is that of the staycation.

Rather than vacation and heading off overseas for a summer holiday in the sun, more families are enjoying what is on their own doorstep with a stay-in-the-UK holiday, or in marketing speak shorthand a staycation.

The concept has proved popular in Norfolk, primarily because the county has so much to offer with a diversity of attractions and activities. There are wonderful coastal resorts and a varied coastline; the stunning Norfolk Broads; delightful towns and villages; museums, theatres and leisure facilities; and plenty to do indoors and outdoors.

With excellent restaurants in Norwich and further afield, plus good pubs and bars, there are so many places to enjoy good food and drink. When looking for a Norwich restaurant, the choice is extensive, but there are also very good places to eat right across the county, but it’s not only families who have taken up the staycation concept. There are cases of honeymooners who have married at one of the wedding venues in Norfolk and decided to enjoy the relaxing pace of Norfolk for their first break away as a married couple.

Those looking for Norfolk wedding Venues have found that the choice and quality is very good, and that many are situated in wonderful – and romantic – locations and the decision to have a honeymoon in Norfolk, or at least spend the weekend or a few days together in the county before heading off further afield, has been a popular choice.

While the staycation boom has been triggered by economic necessity and the global downturn of the past two years, those who have decided to have a holiday closer to home have been pleasantly surprised and realised just what a treat is here on their own doorstep in the UK, Norfolk, not surprisingly, has been one of the more popular staycation locations because of the diversity of its attractions. It is a county where there is something for everyone.

Kerry Samantha has a great deal of experience using Norfolk wedding Venues and has recommended a excellent Norwich Restaurant

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