Steps To Stop Your Dog From Ignoring Your Commands

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Are you worried about your pet dog giving a deaf ear to your commands? This is a common problem with dogs. Due to some reason or the other they tend to ignore the commands you give to them. Sometimes the ignoring the commands are intentional while sometimes they are unintentional.

It is important to find out the reason behind it. If you want to say good bye to all the obedience problems related to your dog and want to spend time enjoying with him then you need to take certain steps.

These steps will help you make your dog obey your commands. It is very important to pay attention to this issue because you might have to face some horrible experiences when you are out and leave the dog at home.

There are usually two major reasons for a dog disobeying your command. One is because he does not understand your command and the second reason is because he is dominating dog.

You need to figure out the reason for his ignorance. There is a difference in behavior in case of these two reasons. If the dog does not understand the command then he will be timid and fearful.

But if he is dominate then he will run away from you and will be playful. It is also important to find out whether you are at fault. Sometimes you tend to ignore when the dogs bark.

They might be trying to tell you something through their bark and when you ignore that you are actually putting the dog in danger. When they find you ignoring their call they might also start doing the same.

So always go to the dog when he is barking and trying to tell something. Other than this, you should always use a firm but happy tone while letting out commands for your dog. When you come home always call him with arms wide open.

If you find that that there is no response from the dog then move to any other direction to call his name. If you repeat this number of times then he will feel that it is a game and will start responding.

When he comes to you praise him and pat him to make him feel that he is loved. Training a dog to listen to all your commands takes some time. Repeat the training process for at least a week.

Training your dog to listen to your commands can now be better accomplished with your dog training academy. Learn how to deal with frustrating dogs. Go for a dog training course so that you can teach your dog how to be obedient.

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