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While I was booking my flights to Cape Town, standing at the OR Tambo International Airport Johannesburg South Africa, all that I could think of was, going to the “Castle of Good Hope” Cape Town.

I had heard a little about it, some myths, some tales full or tears and suffering of African Slaves. The modern era stories about the castle where often claiming it to by ‘haunted’ by ghosts of slaves who died of torture. While some travelers found the place stunning, picturesque and inspiring. And in my visit, I found the Castle of Good Hope, a little bit of everything that they say.

The Castle of Good Hope is commonly and locally referred to as ‘The Castle’. Situating close to the shore, its entrance is majestic with high stone walls and a vast green courtyards. It was built by Sailors, Soldiers and Slaves in the 16th century to full fill the aims and serve the interests of East India Company.

The building is in good shape, unlike other historical assets in the continent. The paint of the walls, the tall gateway in middle and the heavy gloomy feeling that surrounds you, does have something spooky about it, but it kind of happens in nearly every old building that has seen generations born, live and pass. And this Castle has defiantly seen a lot more than that. It saw the people of this amazing rich land being turned into slaves, held in captivity, family separated and humans sold and bought like material goods. It has seen the rise and falls of kingdoms and the history of The Castle is wet with tears and blood.

Today, the amazing star shaped building remains full of life, events, tourists, photographers and history buffs. The extensive display of historical military paraphernalia, the art collection and the William Fehr Collection including old Cape Dutch furniture are major attractions of the spot.  Also, you can get good food inside the Castle at the restaurant or café. After taking a long walk in the stone pathways, grassy courtyards and gigantic hallways sipping South African wine with views of the harbor is a great way to end your trip to the Castle of Good Hope Cape Town, South Africa.

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