The Government Grasp This Opportunity To The Rise Of A Small Town In Anhui Machine Tool Hometown

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Dangtu County, Anhui Province Bowang town known as “Hometown of China’s machine tool”, which covers an area of 133 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 28 villages (neighborhood), the population nearly 10 million (the township population of 3 million) of the town, there are 30 machine tool companies more than 200 cutting tool companies. Industrial output in 2007 reached more than 40 billion yuan and profits of more than 800 million yuan, the products export more than 5000 million U.S. dollars. Machine tool industry here is so advanced, is not only unique in Anhui in the country are also rare.
Started to manufacture their own use simple tools
Bowang town is located in the easternmost Dangtu County Maanshan, Nanjing metropolitan area within one hour, has a long history and culture, known as “China’s blade town” reputation.
Bowang town of machine tool industry a long time. As early as age 70 in the last century, a number of simple machine parts factory production equipment to solve the problem and begin to manufacture simple tools, and gradually developed into a shearing machine, bending machine, put on the market after the very popular. To open markets, expand sales, business to employ local flexibility and the hands and feet diligent sales staff to help these people with instructions and even sample products, went to the country, to advertise their products for enterprises and users to match. In order to seek faster development, when the Bowang town enterprises in accordance with “sales for the manufacturer,” in order to sell the first place, enterprises employ a large number of sales personnel, often one hundred personal productivity, there are 1,000 people outside the sales.
Business-to-sales staff to implement a flexible sales policies, sales staff will not take a fixed rate plan and only sales commission. This approach greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the sales staff, some people describe them as “running thousands of miles, into the thousands of families, saying a thousand words, eat untold hardships,” is not too much. And flexible marketing policies to make up part of the sales force rich, have set up factories in the capital after they have engaged in their own machine tools, cutting tools of production, so that machine tool, cutting tool industry soon flourished.
Machine tools shape town
Bowang into town, the first impression is that everywhere is the enterprise, in addition to cutting edge production facilities, there are road construction machinery and machine tool accessories industry. It is understood that in recent years, the town built around the first town of the private economy in Anhui Province, the national economy strong town and regional center 1000 the goal of small cities, seize the opportunity, industrial construction has achieved remarkable results. At present, the town has formed a blade Bowang mold, machine and road construction machinery parts production three pillar industries, there are more than 470 industrial enterprises, including annual sales income over 5 million yuan to 60, with the right of self-export enterprises 39 home, direct export business nearly 20, the town overall strength of the domain to be enhanced markedly.
Enter “15”, “Eleventh Five-Year” period, the town of Machine Tool Company Bowang implementing the scientific concept of development, emphasis on taking a new road to industrialization. Some enterprises have invested heavily in new plants, updated equipment, using advanced technology. Such as Central Asia, China and Germany have built a few thousand first square meters factory building, purchase of advanced production equipment, the development of CNC machine tools. Alliance’s production of cutting machines, Jinhai company’s blade, have reached domestic leading level. Town a total of eight products have been awarded exemption products, three products were rated as provincial famous brand, more than 40 enterprises passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, more than 20 enterprises to export operating right.
The Government grasp this opportunity to create a development environment for
In the machine tool, cutting tool enterprises generally developed at the same time, county and town government make the best use, great support, create a favorable environment for enterprise development. Invested heavily in roads, water supply and drainage, afforestation, construction, communications, ventilation and other public facilities; development and implementation of Investment, VAT refund, landless peasants security, and other preferential policies to encourage enterprise development; In order to help enterprises solve the fund shortage problems, the town The Government has also led the establishment of the town’s economic development Bowang UNPROFOR credit financing center for businesses to secure a billion dollars of funds; to support enterprises in technological advances to better provide services for enterprises, but also supported the establishment of the Machinery Research Institute, wear-resistant alloys Institution, Institute of heat-resistant tool steel, heat treatment center; In order to regulate business conduct and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, the town government has led the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce.
Industrial clusters drive economic development in the town Bowang
Internal plus external causes, prompting Bowang machine tool industry in recent years the town has maintained a good momentum of development. A large number of enterprises, such as Central Asia, China and Germany, Gimhae, Weston and other emerging economies of scale; a number of company’s products in short supply, users are often reminders, etc. to goods, sometimes even on the paint, which do not must away. Machine tool, cutting tool the formation of industrial clusters, led to the economic development of the town has become the backbone of the town revenue; led to labor and employment, is currently employed in this industry has reached 15000 people.
Today, this town has burst out of the vitality of the era, highlighting the new look in rhyme, from the cutting machine of the village to the province’s industry clusters, from the village and township enterprises to the national east-west cooperation demonstration zone Spark technology-intensive areas, small cities and towns from the National Model-building town of civilized villages and towns across the country, Dangtu Bowang town has embarked on a rural-urban linkage, win-win development of new roads.
Reporter Comments: give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters
Industrial cluster is the rapid development of China’s industrial economy as a symbol of the formation of Anhui Bowang the machine tool industry cluster has been a very good foundation. How to seize the opportunity to ride on the momentum to achieve the town of Machine Tool Bowang the healthy development of industry clusters? Ma On Shan city officials told reporters that the need to grasp the following points:
First, to further strengthen the core enterprise. Through their own efforts, and increasing support to several large-scale enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and to R & D, product innovation and focus on core business to play the role of the core enterprise of radiation.
Second is to further co-ordinate the planning, division of work do a good job. Is basically the current fragmented nature of the cluster of enterprises, product duplication more, very little contact with each other. To further assist in planning, the company’s products have focused on expanding variety, series, for a wider range of users; but also do a good job process collaboration, the development of specialized production. For example, machine tool companies consume a large amount of steel every year, enterprises are currently purchasing their own, such as to achieve a consistent purchases, centralized material to implement sets of cutting, you can greatly reduce consumption.
The third is to actively help solve the problem of talent. As the gap between rural and urban life, where the company difficult to attract talent, especially college graduates come here to employment, entrepreneurship.

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