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The nutritional supplement industry is one that has experienced a fair amount of controversy over the years. There have been a lot of bad apples that have given everyone else the dismal image currently perceived by the medical community and by those who only read the headlines of tabloids and newspapers. Because the FDA only monitors post-marketing, there have been a select number of companies that have managed to get away with making outrageous claims and misrepresenting the ingredients they put in their products. This has led to some unfortunate events that have ultimately brought us here today.

This industry should be about science and efficacy and I feel compelled to write this article and demonstrate the difference between EP2 (Extreme Physical Performance) and those in the industry that lack both these founding pillars.

EP2 was created in partnership with Indus Biotech, which is a progressive drug-discovery company that is based out of India. As their name suggests, “Biotech,” they primarily work with biological raw materials and in this case, they are botanical in nature. The partnership that we have, has allowed us to develop proprietary technology that isolates, purifies, and stabilizes pharmaceutically-active components. Notice how I said pharmaceutically-active and not pharmaceutical. Reason why, is because the ingredients that we have developed, do have pharmaceutical-like effects without, negatively affecting your body of course. Long-term toxicity reports prove that, which is more then what some of the leading companies in our industry can say about theirs.

One of the core issues that exist within the nutritional supplement industry is the lack of innovation that’s being brought to the table. Many companies use the same ingredients at different doses and call the final product their own. The result of that are stores having shelves full of the same product in a different color packaging. Again, where is the science I ask? At EP2, majority of our main ingredients are all extracts of a plant called Fenugreek. At Indus, they extract and harvest different components of the plant or its seed in order to create ingredients with a singular and distinct purpose. This separates us from the rest of the industry because we not only use different ingredients but also have them tested to determine purity and potency.

This brings me to my next point. Here at EP2, we have developed a strong relationship with the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The team of experienced researchers and scientific professionals that are employed by that lab have developed specialized protocols for the clinical evaluation of our products. What this means essentially, is that a lab, independent of Indus and EP2, tests and performs clinical trials on our products to determine the claims we make on both our packaging and marketing materials. So unlike some of our competition, we don’t just pull claims out of thin air. We hypothesize, test, evaluate and then determine what our products do and don’t do. This by many is also known as the “scientific method”. Uhum… emphasis on scientific!

Before I close out this blog, I would like to say one last thing. One of our core beliefs is science and to further accentuate that I would like to tell you a little bit about the ISSN (International Society of Sports and Nutrition) and our involvement with them. Here is a little exurb from their site,

“is the leading professional organization in the field of sports nutrition. The ISSN is dedicated to promoting and supporting the science and application of sports nutrition.” (

Because our core beliefs are so strongly aligned with theirs, EP2 has decided to sponsor the ISSN and also their 6th Annual Conference and EXPO being held next week in New Orleans. Our very own Science Guy (unofficial George-given title) Michael Sedlak, will not only be speaking at that conference but also be unveiling the results of two brand new studies that were just concluded. For which products you might ask? Well…. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

That being all said… stay tuned, keep on reading and most of all…


George Kobakov is the Online Marketing and Sales Manager for Extreme Physical Performance (EP2) – a progressive, new sports supplement firm that will deliver muscle building formulas that are designed to help you make progressive advancements to your physique. With products such as ANABEUTROL, ANDRISTEST, and MUSCLEPUMP, EP2 is steadily starting to get recognized as a leader in the nutritional supplement industry.

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