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Freight forwarders are the integral part of the global supply chain. The growing economies have resulted in the massive production of cargo and other merchandise, which needs to be transported to the customers and businesses worldwide. The process of trading, has thus, evolved gradually for the transport of goods, merchandize, cargo and other provisions from one place to the other. This movement of the supplies is provided professionally by freight carrier services at an international level. Air freight carrier services are the examples of effective freight transport.

The United Kingdom is the seventh largest exporting country and fourth largest importer of goods in the world. The UK freight forwarding companies consolidate various goods for transport to Europe and outside. Some agents and contractors also offer additional related services like export packing and case making. There are around three thousand Air Freight Services in the UK that are responsible for about 70% of the total trade taking place in the country.

An air freight agent is the main point of contact for any issues that arise during transportation. They work with the international network of air carriers to ensure a timely delivery. When the shipment arrives in the destination country, the air freight consignee gets the package picked from the airport and has it delivered to the customer. The air freight transporters give door to door services to customers in and out of Europe, while arranging pallets for the deliveries for heavier packages, offering online tacking system on the consignments, and presenting online booking system for urgent deliveries.

The Air freight contractors usually provide the ground transportation to get the shipment to the commercial air carrier on time. They will manage cargo for their customers by using intricate tracking systems. Several UK air freight agents and contractors are members of the British International Freight Association which deals in international freight forwarding, logistics, cargo, trade, imports and exports.

Transglobal Express Ltd is one of the leading online UK based International Cargo and Freight Agents, delivering integrated aviation solutions. EUF Group Ltd is a freight agent working in the UK which is also providing solutions to the movement and monitoring of cargo worldwide whilst giving highly competitive solutions to package transfer with cheaper rates but offering good values.

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