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Yazd bazaar occupies a central part of this old city. It consists of beautiful shops neatly arranged along narrow lanes and alleys which stretch for long distances. It is very easy to get lost in the maze of alleys and hence a tour guide can help you here. It is one of the oldest markets which you will see when you visit Yazd.

There are 12 bazaars altogether and all of them are famous for a particular type of goods. The prominent ones are Goldsmiths bazaar, Bazaar-e-Khan, and Panjeh Ali Bazaar.

Although many kinds of goods are sold in this bazaar, the goods of repute are shoes, textiles and saddles. There are many varieties of nuts too and you can take back many souvenirs from this city when you travel to Iran. The interior of the market is quite cool in comparison to the high temperatures outside.

Sweets in Plenty

There are many kinds of sweets found in Yazd bazaar. Most of the sweets have a lot of nuts packed into them. There is a set of various sweets for you to try when you visit Yazd. Pistachios are also available in plenty and most of them are flavored. The specialty of this city is Qottab, baghlava and pashmaq that are easily found here. You will also find varieties of cakes.

Mir Chaqmaq Structure

At the entrance of the Yazd bazaar area there is very beautiful structure called Mir Chaqmaq Tekieh. It has been artistically engraved and decorated. It is a prominent part of the market which has two minarets. The decoration mainly consists of plaster stalactite vaulting and glazed tiles.

During the mourning ceremonies for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a huge wooden framework is creatively designed and taken out in a procession. During the rest of the year, this scaffolding-like structure remains at a corner of the square in front of it.

Goods of Interest

Among the many exciting things you will find in these markets are silk, brocades, cashmere, Yazdi shawl and taffeta. These classy and expensive materials are decorated with motifs, local designs and woven in many colors. The trade in Yazd bazaar has contributed greatly to the prosperity of the town. It is helpful to have a knowledgeable guide to show you around the splendor of the city when you take an Iran travel package so that you can visit specific part of the market during your visit to Yazd.

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