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Many people would jump at the chance of owning and running their own pub. Although the majority of people are unable to purchase a privately owned and run public house, there are plenty of opportunities for those wishing to take on a lease. There are pubs to let up and down the country and anyone regardless of experience can apply for the position of landlord. Once your application has been accepted you are handed the keys to your very own business. You can run the pub as you wish, choosing to serve food, hosting your own themed nights, installing games and pool tables and even decorating it to suit your tastes. It is an exciting prospect for a family or a couple looking for a change. It is not always the easiest job in the world as any pub landlord will tell you but the rewards are worth it. Running a pub is a challenging but exciting career and lifestyle choice.

If you are considering running a pub or are already working in one and looking for a new direction, then you are going to want to start your search for your dream location. There are a few ways you can go about this but the following advice should be followed if you want the easiest and most successful path to finding the pub of your dreams. The first thing to consider is where you want to be located. If you are firmly rooted in a particular part of the UK and don’t wish to move further away then you are going to be limited in what you have to choose from. Nonetheless, if this is your decision then there are three steps you should take. The first is to get in your car and do a search of the area you wish to reside in. Take note of any pub with a “for lease” or “for sale” sign displayed. Take down names, numbers and notes about the place too. If the pub is currently open for business then venture inside and ask the current landlord a few questions. This can often provide invaluable information.

The second step to take is to search all local papers and notice boards in the area. There may well be information about local pubs for rent in the area. This can be a long shot, but it is always better to explore all avenues to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. The third and often most important step is to search online. There are websites with search tools that can show you what pubs are available and where at the click of the button. Making thorough notes continuously throughout the process is vital if you want to find the perfect location so you can keep the search organised. Nothing wastes time more than having to go back to a previous search because you don’t have the right information.

If you are not limited to location at all but are looking to rent a pub anywhere in the country then obviously doing a car search is not appropriate. In this scenario you should head straight to the internet. This ensures you have access to a nationwide database of pubs that are for rent. You can narrow your search based on features or requirements and just a few searches will throw up a short list of possible locations. From here you can visit each site in turn before deciding on the pub you would like to run.

There are pubs to let in the smallest of villages to the largest of cities in the UK. Your own preferences and budget available with determine the type of establishment you want to apply for. If you want to run a pub you should be prepared for hard but very satisfying work. It is a great occupation for couples looking for a challenge – just ask any pub management couples and they’ll tell you!

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Badger Pubs; if you are looking for pubs to let this is the place to be. Badger Pubs can provide a full range of support and services if you want to run a pub on your own, but do not have the prior qualification and experience to do so; there will be training as well as going support to help achieve success in your new pub business. This is especially popular judging from the testimonials from various pub management couples


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