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Thrilled about your car speaker set, you come home excited. Ready to put them into the car immediately, you come across one problem – where do you put them? Speakers, depending on type, can be placed in a number of areas in your car, including manufactured holders or bespoke.

It’s easy to think that placement of speakers does not matter, but in fact it has a great affect upon the quality of sound. Placing component speakers in a badly chosen area will hinder the high quality of sound you paid for.

For subwoofers, cars now have manufactured areas for these. Manufactured holders enable you to fit subwoofers easily and snugly. You may still have to do a little extra drilling or filing in order for the subwoofer to fit, as manufacturers do not create holds for every size of subwoofer. Yet, there is one major problem with these manufactured fits, that they are not necessarily located in the best place for high sound quality. For car manufactures, car audio placement is not a top priority, thus manufactured speaker locations are often placed wherever possible. However, if you’re handy with car audio fitting, creating a bespoke or modified fit may be worth the trouble. A modified fit requires a lot of drilling and cutting in order to create a space for your subwoofer. Before you even start, you have to make sure the location that is to be modified for your subwoofers is not close to any important mechanisms in your car – as you don’t want to damage your car in the process of fitting your subs!

Be careful if you choose to totally hand fit subwoofers and follow safety regulations. Always make sure you know exactly what your doing and watch a few online ‘how to’ DVDs in order to understand how it’s done.

If you are interested in improving your car audio system with subwoofers, take a look at the West Midlands based car audio experts at www.bassjunkies.com

Marie Coles is a professional writer. She writes informative, yet, dynamic articles on car audio.

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