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27, the total investment of 350 million U.S. dollars of Asahi Optical Sweden LED Foshan Nanhai epitaxial chip project start.

“Outside the LED chip manufacturers in the domestic investment, are generally dominated by LED chip packaging industry, while the Asahi Optical Swedish project is the first time outside of the upstream LED chip manufacturers settled in China.” National Semiconductor Illumination Engineering and Industry Alliance Chairman, Institute of Semiconductors, Min Jin, director of the authors emphasize. Xu Rui

news from the company’s shares Optical Company, Xu Rui LED epitaxial silicon photovoltaic project covers an area of 100 mu, total investment over 350 million U.S. dollars, in three phases, the first phase of a total investment of about 600 million yuan. Rui Xu a total of 7 photoelectric shareholders, of which the United States SemiLEDsCorporation (Xuming optical) accounted for 49% shares, while including the Imperial Light Electronic , Country star power, including shares of China‘s six shareholders accounting for 51%.

Two months ago, the United States, Career Company (Cree) invested 50 million U.S. dollars in the construction of Huizhou LED chip factory, a Cree in North America outside of the first chip production base. “Xuming optical and Cree are one of the three largest LED chip giant, our solution is different.” Xu Rui optical director, National Star Electric Chairman and General Manager Wang Ping Pu Fu goblet? Panties Bei badger bridal veil Overseas ? leech Huan Yun tip? be?? E Wanhua? like strange hilly cut benzene wine?? Di Xing Lan loving Nd Ran? thumb cockroach Province imidacloprid refining? ED chip production business. High-power LED chips out

“We now have over 100 lm / W luminescence efficiency of product technology, the luminous efficiency of future products can be more than 150 lumens / watt.” Xu Rui-optical high-level reporters revealed that a total investment of 350 million U.S. dollars in 2013 completed before the end, and fully operational, is expected to firm size will reach more than 100 MOVCD (LED chip manufacturing equipment), LED chips per month to reach 380 million, “the company want to play the South China Sea caused by LED Valley, similar to Silicon Valley” . Wang Ping servant Ga

bite? Loop emu badger Ke-ping? Quan? Environment flash ? Sunset strainer fresh school?? Crab? Home equity shareholders 51%, also based on this arrangement. In fact, Rui Xu

confidence level optoelectronic applications from the LED high power LED chip market to the growing demand. LED Network CEO, said senior engineer Zhang Xiaofei, including Samsung, including as TV Manufacturers to speed than expected, introduction of competing LED backlit TV, coupled with the continuous development of lighting application markets, so that LED chips out of the market situation. Coupled with MOCVD equipment factory capacity to keep up with demand growth in LED chips in 2010 should be year round supply, even in 2011 will continue out of the situation.

LED chip industry, said recently the industry has spread Cree high power LED chip supply, delivery up to three months. By 2010, the LED backlight in the TV chip specifications differ from 2009 on, in addition to first-line LED chips have started shipping, the second-line chip factory to meet customer demand, is still in sporadic delivery stage, the current market supply gap of at least conservative estimates more than 2 percent, the second half of 2010 in short supply situation will continue.

Wang Ping Pu Fu goblet? E Wanhua? Like strange benzene hilly ditch? ED chip manufacturing technology is the next generation of LED technology for general lighting, white lighting on the large-size LCD backlight products and applications with unparalleled advantages, “is expected to Xu Rui put into production in the photovoltaic, LED product cost will drop substantially. “

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