Zhejiang High-dressed Appearance Joint Technology Education Fair 2009 In Dalian – Zhejiang High

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Sponsored by the Institute of Higher Education Spring 2009, the National Higher Education Equipment Exhibition (the high instrument development) in the Expo Square curtain. 630 exhibition companies at home and abroad gathered in Dalian, equipment, booths 1224, the exhibition scale reached 30,000 square meters. In 28 provinces and cities hundreds of colleges and universities related to attend. Exhibition will focus on showing all kinds of teaching equipment for the national universities and teaching equipment production, Marketing Company erected an open, competitive teaching equipment platform.

The exhibition industry, users and exhibitors will provide the latest teaching equipment at home and abroad to exchange products and the latest scientific research in the unique opportunity to users to determine the annual education more education Technology Equipment procurement program provides an important reference.

Zhejiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. High Union, its predecessor is the former State Education Commission and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Liaison Office of the High Joint sensing technology company, was founded in May 1988, Zhejiang University, relying on strong technical force, after the company many years of hard efforts are now developed into a research and development, production, Sell Service in one of the Zhejiang University National Science Park, the park’s high-tech enterprises. Over the years the company specializes in sensor technology, measurement and control technology, process control technology, machinery and instruments of integration, data acquisition and processing, Software Development of embedded microcontroller systems laboratory instruments such as the production of teaching.

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“High joint ordinance” has now become a famous brand of education equipment industry.
Joint Technology Development Co., Ltd. Zhejiang high on different levels according to the Ministry of Education Talent Training requirements, teaching equipment not only to validate the theory of teaching and deepening, but also taking into account the students ability, independent innovation ability, ability to work independently, both basic skills training and academic training but also the introduction of cutting-edge technology to adapt to different professional requirements of different levels of students. The company also repeated with the school Cooperation Jointly developed with school characteristics, special laboratory equipment. In 2003, the company successfully passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification. The company’s products to achieve the network management, application of human-computer interaction comprehensive dialogue to bring teachers and students in machine machine between the requirements of multimedia teaching and management. The company’s products involve a number of Chinese educational equipment industry, the current production of the eight series over 100 kinds of products to test its advanced concept, first-class product quality and considerate after-sales service, by more than 1,000 domestic and Polytechnic Institute school support and praise.

Integrity career, wholeheartedly, for educational equipment industry, our modest contribution has always been our eternal pursuit.

Higher Education Exhibition Description: In order for procurement of University equipment and supplies continue to meet the operational model of a perfect socialist market economic system, Higher Education Equipment Exhibition (the “Grohe Show”) as a new teaching instrument equipment market system and an important part of commodity distribution network came into being. The autumn of 1992, in Nanjing for the first time equipment condition the State Education organized by the Division, “National Higher Education Equipment Show order will be,” after each spring and autumn two, until today, which lasted 16 years, has held 31 sessions, the autumn “Grohe Exhibition “will be held in the ancient capital of Xi’an. “High Instrument Exhibition” After 10 years of careful cultivation, to adapt to the rapid development of higher education a requirement to follow the policy of reform and opening up and socialist market economy, law, universities and teaching equipment for the production and marketing company set up a unified, open, competitive and orderly teaching equipment big market, health and sustainable development on both sides played an important role as the international and domestic equipment market system of teaching an important part in and become international, with a certain scale and impact of domestic professional brand exhibition.

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